The Red Network: A ‘Who’s Who’ and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots


By Elizabeth Dilling, Published in 1934



DEDICATED TO THE PROFESSIONAL PATRIOTS”. Without committing them to its statements, this book is admiringly dedicated to ali those sincere fighters for American liberty and Christian principles who, because of their opposition to Red propaganda and the “new social order” of Marx and Lenin, are denounced as “professional patriots”, superpatriots”, “100 per centers”, “patrioteers”, and “Tories” by their Red opponents. Particular mention is gratefully made of those “patrioteers” who have aided and encouraged the author in her effort to bring to the sound but still sleeping portion of the American public the truth about the Communist-Socialist world conspiracy which, with its four horsemen, Atheism, Immorality, Class Hatred, and Pacifism-for-the-sake-of-Red-revolution, is boring within our churches, schools and governmen t and is undermining America like a cancerous growth.

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