The Taxi Driver from Baghdad


By Peter Goodchild, Published in 2020



“One could say that Oman is a society in which there are almost no rewards and no punishments.”

The Taxi Driver from Baghdad offers a detailed and ruthlessly objective portrait of an Arabic country, the state of its society, the quality of its politics and the mentality of its people. At once a travelogue, a personal memoir, and an extended reflection on culture, gender and politics, this book bravely and candidly immerses the reader in a deeply foreign atmosphere, as viewed from a Western perspective.

With its local and personal quality on the one hand and its political and geopolitical overtones on the other, The Taxi Driver from Baghdad will be sure to interest the readers of travel diaries, anyone curious about Arab culture, and all those who wishes to gain a fuller perspective on the meaning and ramifications of the current migration crisis in Europe, Canada and the United States.

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