The Truth About Selma


By Paul Kersey, Published in 2017



“The racial violence of the past is largely gone, replaced by a flood of drug-related, black-on-black crime that dwarfs the violence of Jim Crow.” — New York Times, 8-2-1994 Every year, elected officials at the federal and state level along with celebrities, make the pilgrimage to now 80% black Selma, Alabama to recreate the famed march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Paying homage to the Civil Rights struggle, this march is highly publicized and promoted by the mainstream media, Hollywood and public schools to produce maximum volumes of white guilt across America, reminding them they must forever atone for their ancestors inequities. But once the cameras leave and the marching ends, what remains behind in the city of Selma, completely dominated by black elected/appointed officials is a reminder of the collective fears the architects of Jim Crow and restrictive covenants long held for their posterity. “The Truth About Selma” provides the reality of what the Civil Rights struggle actually brought to the city.

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