The Turner Diaries

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By William Pierce, Published in 1978



Written by William L Pierce, one of America’s most prominent white nationalist leaders of the late 20th century, this novel deals with a military white uprising and revolution against the establishment, first in America and then spreading around the globe. Labelled as the “most dangerous book in America” by law-enforcement agencies, this book has served as an inspiration to at least two militant white groups, “The Order” in America and the “Order Boervolk” in South Africa, both of whom turned to violent action.

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1 review for The Turner Diaries

  1. This is nothing more than racist, sexist, homophobic, and paranoia fuelled garbage! Nothing about this pile of paper makes sense, the dated racial stereotypes are obnoxious, and the author is a twerp. Also, nukes are a stupid idea! PS Fans of this pile of paper will defend it by saying it's "realistic" or "predicted x events." THEY'RE WRONG! Realism =/= cynicism and anyone who says otherwise knows less than Jon Snow. Plus, that twerp William Luther Pierce deserves no defenders or fans!

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