The White Book: A Manifesto for the White Diaspora


By Robert S. Oculus III, Published in 2012



This is a book of love: love of one’s own, not hatred of the other. It is intended to bring hope, not to fuel a sense of hopelessness. It is meant to bring people together, not to drive them apart.

This is not a book of ideology. It offers no utopian program as a solution to the problems of the world. It does not invite the reader to join any organization, march on any picket line, sign any petition, lobby for any legislation, or vote for any party, any platform, or any candidate for political office.

The aim of this book is simply this: to help people to see the truth — not ideological truth, not political truth, but the simple truth of everyday life. Its purpose is to help people peer through the veil of unreality which has been imposed upon them, and to admit that what they experience in the real world every day of the week is true.

This is a book of love, for it is only through love that we will all be saved. It is my hope that this little white book will serve to make this truth plain, and to point it out to those who can See.

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