Up with Culturism, Down with Multiculturalism


By John K. Press, Published in 2020



Culturism asserts the now extremely controversial claim the West has its own culture, as well as the right and duty to protect and promote it. As such, culturism counters the multicultural view wherein the West is a culturally-neutral meeting place for random cultures. You may live in a Western nation. But, unless you speak a western nation’s language, identify with Greco-Christian civilization, honor our heroes, art and music, you’re not Western. Globalism and multiculturalism both agree the West is culturally neutral. But, from a culturist position, we have a right to refuse people entry into the West simply because their culture is not ours. And, in Western schools we have a right to glorify our culture as superior to others. Culturism also improves on nationalism, by recognizing Western commonality.Culturist theory contextualizes individualism. Immigration laws, gay marriage, drug laws, divorce laws, decency laws, welfare laws, and others, have culturist implications. Western courts must return to their tradition of considering culturist rights alongside individual rights. Furthermore, unlike individualism, culturism provides individuals something to be moral for, a sense of duty, a sense of something higher than the self. We can no longer simply be against multiculturalism; we must be for Western civilization; we must promote Western culturism. When pundits finally, commonly use the words ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism,’ politicians will have to answer the questions: “Does Western civilization exist? Do we have a right to protect it?” And, “What specific culturist policies will you enact towards this end?” Make them answer! Take action. Spread the words today! www.culturism.us

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