The War in South Africa


By John Atkinson Hobson, Published in 1901



With new introduction “South Africa 1899, Iraq 2003: The Awful Parallels” by Arthur Kemp BA (Intl. Pol., Pol. Sci., Pub. Admin.).

John Atkinson Hobson’s prophetic book, first published in 1900, describes in clinical detail the lies, deception, underhanded maneuverings, false propaganda—and the ubiquitous Jewish lobby—which lay behind the outbreak of the Second Anglo-Boer War in 1889.

Hobson’s book reveals the trail of lies in the build-up to that war. These included faked “atrocity” propaganda, faked allegations of Boer barbarity, corruption, maladministration, and the deliberate distortions and double-crossing in the “negotiations” which preceded the war.

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