White Revolt!


By Leon Dilios, Published in 2018



By Leon Dilios. White Revolt! is the true story of National Socialism in the United States presented through the personal experiences of its late 20th Century leader, Frank Collin, most famous for the “Skokie” incident which generated international publicity.

Beginning in the 1960s, he was a participating eye-witness to George Lincoln Rockwell’s mass-rally in Chicago and “White Power March” through the city’s black, southwest side. Following Rockwell’s assassination, Collin opened “Rockwell Hall, in Memory of our fallen Commander,” headquarters of the National Socialist Party of America.

Over the next ten years, NSPA activism made world headlines and generated a landmark free speech Supreme Court ruling still studied by U.S. constitutional law students to the present day.

Public meetings, huge demonstrations, marches, and electoral campaigns—in which Collin polled record double-digit vote percentages for an openly National Socialist candidature—generated immense international publicity.

Continuous riots, street battles, bombings, shoot-outs, killings, arrests, and legal prosecutions culminated in “Operation Skokie,” when uniformed Stormtroopers threatened to “invade” the predominantly Jewish suburb with swastika flags flying, unless their rights to free speech were restored. Their success in that case was celebrated with a “White Victory” rally in front of the Federal Building at the heart of Chicago’s “Loop,” where police battalions, Marxist mobs, and Brown Shirts confronted each other.

Truth about the NSPA’s actions was invariably twisted beyond recognition by hostile politicians, newspaper scribblers, television producers, mainstream authors, and Hollywood propagandists. That is their version of the events that surrounded Frank Collin and his comrades. This is their story.

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