Why We Fight


Edited by Margaret Bauer, Published in 2021



What is worth fighting for?

What would motivate someone to sacrifice for something outside of themselves? What could inspire someone to bring the weight of the world’s most powerful institutions down upon themselves?

Many great writers have given their answer to these questions. Now, Antelope Hill Publishing is giving the chance for a new generation to share what animates them toward certain hardship.

The authors contained in this book have responded to the prompt “Why We Fight” with energy and zeal. The writings in this book contain beautiful images of struggle and triumph mixed with the fiery defense of justice and truth. A handful of these works of prose and poetry have been selected for special honors as winners in respective categories. Many exceptional authors submitted excellent work, and it was a difficult task to restrict the book to only what is contained here.

Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to present the selected works of our first writing contest, entitled Why We Fight, sponsored in part by the White Art Collective. The works contained in these pages are valuable contributions to the body of art and literature worthy of preservation in print for generations to come.

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