Witness to History: Catastrophe Volume Three


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015



History is victor’s propaganda and first victim of war is truth. There is little interest in truth amidst chance for jingoism, rape, profits and pillage. Besides, infamy and shame are terrible burdens for nations to carry. The Satanic attempt to totally destroy defeated Germany failed but 15 million Germans perished. Blame is spread equally between the USSR, England and the U.S. The latter two bear the added disgrace of placing blame for their crimes on Stalin. Any mention of the tragic fate that befell the defeated Reich is dismissed as collateral damage by palace scribblers. A war correspondent describes the ethnic genocide of 15 million Germans and rape of millions of women and children as being ‘the worst excesses since Genghis Khan.’ Such were the horrors inflicted upon the hapless Workers Reich as a consequence of Churchill’s War. The tragedy needs to be more widely known and is told here without victor’s spin.

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