Witness to History: Death of a Nation Volume Four


By Mike Walsh, Published in 2015

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At the mercy of three conquering empires defeated Germany was a victim of depravities on a scale unprecedented in human history. The media’s sinister betrayal of truth since is an affront to all human values. This four part series will cause you to revise all previously held notions of the Reich and World War Two. Liberated from victors’ spin you may feel that your mind has been detoxed. Death of a Nation discloses the deliberate genocide of surrendered prisoners-of-war, women and children. Revealed is the Allies use of millions of captive slaves with death being each captive’s only release. Death of a Nation reveals that the holocaust had to be invented to justify the most inhuman depravities since those of Genghis Khan. The Allies found guilty at Nuremberg. Death of a Nation provides the damning verdict of hundreds of world leaders and military experts. Finally, read the last letters and words of the martyred.

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