Sweeping Cyclorama

From Renegade Tribune

We see the vast over-representation of jews in our media, government, courts and financial systems, by design. This has been their pattern in nation states all over the world for many centuries and is how they conquer. When their takeover of Germany back fired on them in the 20th century and they were forced to flee to the US en masse, they adopted a ruthless Never Again military philosophy against all mankind, which we see in play today. Endless wars, endless debts, and endless exploitation and destruction, both physically and metaphysically, the whole world over. Never Again, will any peoples or nation states rise to challenge their power, which they believe is divined by their god.

People of the world need to understand we are fighting an ancient philosophy, a cult, a religion, that has nothing to do with the characteristics of the nations they destroy. They are a supremacist, imperial tribe who see the earth forever trapped in endless war among the many nation states, which justifies their actions. It does not matter whether jews have been accepted or maligned, as they know that evolutionary changes are an uncontrollable feature of life, which invariably will result in conflicts against them. The dichotomy of endless war, in which humanity is trapped, leaves only the conclusion that to survive, all outside threats must be destroyed. All of human history supports this conclusion.

Since WWII, neoliberal globalization has created what Alvin Toffler called a global domino-collapse that will render all nation states, and all their international organizations, utterly useless. The outsourcing of our factories and decimation of our food supply, both by the loss of farms and dependence of imported foodstuff, has left the American people (and the rest of the world), extremely vulnerable to mass famine, as seen last century in China, Ukraine, Germany, Russia and elsewhere. We know who was behind those atrocities, and we see the same (((devious culprits))) at work here.

Prioritizing threats, it’s obvious an economic collapse will be the jews’ main line of attack, and will effect all people of the US regardless of race or religion and must be the first concern of all, above all else. Those wishing for a collapse for racial, religious, or geopolitical reasons, as an opportunity to reset the US in their image, have simply not done the math. They want no survivors, and there will be none. We are witnessing the beginnings of a worldwide human colony collapse, and we are living inside the ultimate trap, while jew tv attempts to distract us with sex, materialism and a corrupt political system.

What does this mean in terms of tactics and strategy both for us and (((them)))? Common sense would dictate the jews use their control to compartmentalize the population (and the world) and then polarize the compartments against each other, to prevent a unified response. Here in the US, the deliberate importation of tens of millions of foreign hispanics, proliferation of antagonistic groups like lgbt, greens, antifa, and many others, are examples of this dangerous compartmentalization. The glorification of sadistic violence from jewish hollywood belies their intentions for us. The jews need us fighting each other internally, as a distraction to prevent nationwide cooperation, which is what it would take to stabilize the country after they flip the wall street switch and pull the rug out from beneath us. The bottom line here is anyone failing to understand the main threat and the solution is working intentionally, or unintentionally, with the enemy.

The dilemma we are currently in has been engineered over many decades and there is no immediate solution. Everything that the jews could undermine, has been undermined, therefore the way out is a step by step process. Awareness is not enough and a group response is needed to reverse course. The first strategic thing we need to do, is collectively put aside our differences, even if only temporarily, to combat the jews. The focus needs to be on the jews. They need to know we know, and are going to collectively fight back! They need to know that this time, they have gone too far, and messed with the wrong people. They need to know that this time, it is going to be their ass!

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