The American Far Right’s Jeffersonian DNA

By Hunter Wallace for Occidental Dissent


Far from being “authoritarian,” COVID revealed how distrustful the American “far right” is of authority, conformity, experts and technocrats and how zealously this swath of the population pushed back against all of it. In contrast, it was PMC shitlibs who couldn’t get enough of the mandates. These people leaped at the opportunity to boss other people around and to force their views on others. BTW, have you noticed how swiftly the whole herd has moved on from COVID over the past month?


Now that Ukraine has replaced COVID as the Current Thing, it seems like the overwhelming sentiment on the “far right” is suspicion of the narrative about Ukraine combined with a desire to stay out of it and to focus on our own problems at home. There is no enthusiasm here for leaping into World War III with Russia. It is, of course, the jingos like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin on the Right who have always been enthusiastic supporters of militarism and imperialism and the “far right” which has opposed it.

Right, so the same people who wore masks for two years and who lived in terror of COVID have done a heel turn and are now ready for regime change in Russia and imposing a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine and going straight to World War III. Terrified of COVID. Fragile enough to be harmed by “hate speech” on Twitter. But ready to charge into nuclear war though!

So, what should we make of this?

There are experts on television like Timothy Snyder and Jason Stanley who look at the “far right” and who see “fascism.” Isn’t this a strange sort of “fascism” though? A “fascism” which is dovish and instinctively suspicious of authority and the government and which is hostile to militarism and imperialism? A “fascism” which is loudly opposed to censorship and which wants to protect our civil liberties and abolish the “intelligence community” and which ridicules portly, incompetent Pentagon generals festooned with medals from wars which they lost in Iraq and Afghanistan to a bunch of militias?

The basis of the “fascism” charge is that the “far right” clings to traditional views about race, sex and gender, but this really says a lot more about the recent history of liberalism. In the 20th century, liberalism moved from being defined by politics and economics to being defined by culture. Liberalism is now synonymous with social liberalism or the cultural liberation of the individual from his own tradition. It became mixed up with modernism and critical theory. It also became associated with a strong state and the rule of technocrats and experts – the opposite of what it had been in the 19th century – as well as imperialism. The truth is that modern liberalism branched off into what it is today around World War I.

Liberalism went through a tremendous change in the 20th century. It absorbed modernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism. It rejected nationalism which had been associated with liberalism in the 19th century. It was heavily influenced by people like H.G. Wells who was an advocate for a World State. It absorbed all sorts of fashionable European intellectual trends like postmodernism and critical theory. It also increasingly became synonymous with the growth of the PMC as the college educated population ballooned in the late 20th century.

Today, American liberalism has been so influenced by and coopted by and impregnated by all of these imported 20th century fads and trends that it spawns radicals who topple monuments of Thomas Jefferson. Liberalism finds itself estranged from Middle America. Is that because Middle America and the White working class has suddenly embraced “fascism” or is it because it has changed by embracing things like open borders and the 20,000 new genders discovered over the last decade?

Yes, it is true that we like Vladimir Putin’s hostility to progressive gender ideology. We agree with him that it is a scourge on civilization. This doesn’t mean, however, that we want to model America on Russia or believe that such a thing is even possible. Rather, it means that we still believe in what everyone believed here just a decade ago before insane people created “trans” culture on Tumblr. We see it as another destructive advance by social liberalism in the tradition of gay marriage and feminism.

Joe Biden’s vow to defend “every inch of NATO territory” also reveals how liberals see the world. America’s official borders are meaningless lines in the sand like the borders of countries in the European Union. America is just “the Homeland” now. The real border of the American Empire, which Republican senators are obsessed with, especially since the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, is over there in Ukraine on the front lines in Donbas. We don’t live in a nation anymore so much as the headquarters of global capitalism or the New World Order or the “Free World.”

Once again, we have this quaint, antiquated view that America is still “the Homeland.” It is not the American Empire. We don’t see the world as our elites see it. We don’t grasp the vital importance of fighting to death with Russia over Donbas or occupying Afghanistan for 20 years. America’s elites believe in all sorts of things like this which we don’t believe in like white privilege, systematic racism, the 20,000 new genders and so on. The definition of “fascism” is clinging to traditional values, being behind the times, not up to speed with our elites and their evolving agenda, not standing up to clap for them and embrace the latest fad or war which isn’t in our interest.

Ask yourself a simple question … who is threat to the Bill of Rights? Who hates the First Amendment? Who hates the Second Amendment? Who hates the Fourth Amendment? Who hates the Tenth Amendment? Who wants to dump the Constitution and abolish the Electoral College? Who really lusts after absolute power? Who believes in world domination?

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