The Buzzards are Circling

By Padraig Martin for Identity Dixie

It is hard to imagine that the United States of 2022 was once a great world power.  Being an American born before 1989 must feel a bit like being a Roman born before 377 AD.  Within thirty-three years, an empire that once ruled the world, either by force, trade, or cultural expansion, collapsed before their eyes.  The immoral decadence of the United States and Rome, including their overwhelming debt, eventually guaranteed their collapse.  Today, the vultures are circling Uncle Sam’s carcass – unfortunately, many Americans do not know it, they just feel it.

Whereas I am vehemently opposed to any American intervention in Ukraine (in fact, I support Russia), the inability of the United States to stop that invasion is seen by the world as a sign of its decrepit weakness.  The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances in 1994 tied the United States to military assistance in the event that three former Soviet Socialist Republics may be threatened by a future resurgent Russia or NATO member.  Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine surrendered their nuclear weapons at the end of the Cold War in exchange for a guarantee of their security.  Russia invaded and the other two signatories, the United States and the United Kingdom, did nothing about it.  Why?  Because they couldn’t.  The British do not have the manpower or resources to take on Russia alone (this is no longer 1853) and the Americans lack national cohesion (this is no longer 1941).

More importantly, however, other states are noticing this, too.  I do not mean China, which is obviously enjoying the real-time demise of the United States.  I am referring to smaller, but in many ways more important countries.

In the past two weeks, the United States, a country that was a net-oil exporter fourteen short months ago, had to beg Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Iran to increase oil output in the face of self-inflicted oil shortages and skyrocketing supply chain related inflation.  Saudi Arabia and the UAE literally ignored the American requests.  Reports from the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider indicated that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the ruling Sheik of Dubai (UAE’s Prime Minister) both ignored President Joe Biden’s personal phone calls.  Venezuela, for its part, appears to have given an ear to the United States, but shortly after the American diplomatic overture, it invited the Russians and the Chinese to offer a counter-position.  Meanwhile, the Iranians simply doubled their requests for concessions while mocking the Americans on their variety of social media accounts.  Clearly, oil producing states know the United States is dead.

To add to the humiliation that is the current American predicament, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela, all increased some level of cooperation with Communist China in the past year.  As it pertains to Venezuela, they appear to host an unofficial Chinese naval station.  That should come as no surprise.  America’s “greatest ally,” Israel, has hosted a Communist Chinese naval base since December 2019.  Our Jewish “buddies” are hedging their bets.

Brazil and Argentina, meanwhile, have increased their trade reliance on China, such that, the United States is no longer their number one trading partner.  Only a month ago, Argentina turned to China to officially end its “reliance” on the U.S. for economic and financial assistance.  It joined China’s “Belt and Road” trade initiative, making it the first major player in Latin America to do so.  The Monroe Doctrine could not be defended even if we wanted to do so.

In East Asia, the political mood is one in which no one believes the United States will honor its security assurances.  The ever racialist, ever nationalist East Asians look at America’s failure to protect fellow White Ukraine and wonder if we would have the stomach to defend “Yellow” Asians.  Whereas libertine Westerners like to peddle notions of a post-racial society, the reality is that the rest of the world still looks at things through a racial and ethnic lens.  If we are not willing to defend Ukraine, why would we defend Taiwan, or more importantly, South Korea?  As such, the South Koreans elected a hardline new conservative populist president, Yoon Suk-yeol, who won his election last week, largely on a message of military self-reliance.  Meanwhile, the Japanese have begun exploring multilateral defense initiatives in the Indo-Pacific corridor to counter Chinese aggression if the United States cannot assist in their defense.  Like the world’s oil producing regions and Latin America’s largest states, the East Asians are preparing for a post-American world.

Going back to Eastern Europe, it is apparent that they see the writing on the wall better than anyone.  Having once been constrained by the Iron Curtain, Eastern Europeans remember dying empires better than most.  Their televisions witnessed the “glorious exit” of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan, after the USSR claimed to have successfully installed a “democratically elected” president.  The obvious disgrace of that exit did not mirror our own.  The Russians largely drove home.  Meanwhile, the world witnessed the complete collapse of our military adventurism while we scrambled to save State Department employees from a Kabul Embassy that once flaunted the homosexual flag in the faces of conservative Muslim people.  Thirteen service members, mostly Marines, were killed in the chaotic airport exit that mirrored the Saigon debacle of 1975.  These things happen to a country that has not won a real war since 1945.

It has gotten so bad that conservative Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently stated that his country “cannot rely on NATO,” despite the fact that he is a NATO member.  As Orban was stating his justifiable concerns, the Turks, also NATO members, recently enacted the Montreux Convention of 1936.  They effectively shut down the Bosporus Strait.  Whereas Western media sources touted this move as anti-Russian (it keeps Russian ships out of the Mediterranean), those fools clearly have no access to a map.  The Montreux Convention simultaneously forces NATO navies out of the Black Sea.  Ukraine is on the Black Sea, not the Mediterranean.  Therefore, Turkey, which has openly stated it remains neutral in the Ukraine dispute – while simultaneously buying superior Russian military equipment instead of inferior American military equipment (like every other NATO patsy) – has kept the American Navy out of the Black Sea and essentially defended the Russian Navy.  For those unfamiliar, Russian Naval Forces and their Marines are decimating Ukrainian positions along the coastline – despite the mythology of “Snake Island.”  Perhaps fighter pilot Sam “Ghost of Kiev” Hyde will be allowed to fly over Turkish airspace to kill Russkies, but Biden has not yet asked for their permission.

To allay the concerns of its Eastern European allies, rather than the current President of the United States flying to Warsaw, the United States sent Vice President Kamala Harris.  Harris’ various security credentials include smoking marijuana because she is half-Jamaican and providing fellatio to black politicians in Northern California.  She literally giggled at Polish President Andrzej Duda’s serious comments on Russia’s encroachment upon his own borders.  While this was happening, Biden, the dementia patient, was sleeping at home in Delaware.  This is not a serious country and anyone watching knows it.

Of course, throughout all this, the two most important military members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United States and the United Kingdom, ensured that their priorities remained social and not operational.  The UK Ministry of Defence (British spelling: MOD) spent the month of February touting its homosexual discharge reconciliation program.  The website was all about the importance of safe gay sex in the current British Armed Forces, including protecting someone from Covid in case they got AIDS from said gay sex.  Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense continued its aggressive expulsion of unvaccinated troops, its promotion of homosexuality, its promotion of affirmative action, climate change in the year 2075, and little else.  While the North Koreans were testing missiles and the Russians were encircling Kiev, soy boy General Mark Miley, and his affirmative action boss, failed CENTCOM Commander Lloyd Austin, were hosting climate change and diversity round tables.

To put this in perspective, while the United States promotes the fact that it has more lesbians, homosexuals, and transgenders in its armed services, the Russians promote the fact that it has the most advanced hypersonic missiles in the world – systems the U.S. does not have.  Of course, if you ask Biden and CNN, the real enemy are White Christian Males (of which, Russia is clearly a member of the pack).  Southerners, once America’s most dependable fighting demographic, are being purged from the American military ranks at a time when American politicians, from Mitt Romney to Mark Warner, are begging its janissary class to support its intervention operations around the world.

In the totality, it is clear – Uncle Sam is dead.  The buzzards are circling above a country with massive debt, a skyrocketing black criminality problem, and a collapsed border.  The country has become a free-for-all, in which a combination of elite Wall Street gangsters and Hispanic immigrants are racing to pick the pockets of the recently deceased.  Meanwhile, the Department of Justice focuses on “patriots” instead of those who literally burned entire cities to the ground in 2020.  Kiev looks better than Minneapolis – the impact of blacks on urban environments is more reliable than the U.S. Armed Services in war. We can blame a number of reasons for this collapse, but who cares?  Uncle Sam is no Lazarus.  He is not coming back because, unlike Lazarus before his demise, Uncle Sam turned away from God.  Miley’s army of transvestite freaks has more invested in the continuation of this imperial charade.  As for the Southern man – walk away.  Let the dead bury their own.

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