The Destruction of Education Part I

By Timocrat 5 for The American Sun

In trying to condense, from where we were to where we are today, I have to apologize as I move so quickly through well over several hundred years of undermining our educational system. So let’s start with what came before, for those who could afford it, which was called the Classics:

“The Classics or classical studies is the study of classical antiquity. Classics also includes Greco-Roman philosophy, history, archaeology, anthropology, art, mythology and society as secondary subjects.”

This was then replaced by the progressive educational system, which merely masked a method to slowly change the Classics into the Prussian Educational System, under the fashionable cover that we have heard come from an assortment of agendas for well over 100 years- summed up as “to modernize”. This Prussian System, as stated in my earlier work titled “Cowboys or Cossacks” (Parts 1 & Part 2) on American Sun, showed that the oligarchies want people that will do as directed with no guff, which if you look closely on many of their symbols found in masonic forms you will find many bees and beehives in their artwork. A hive, or ant farm, is made up of 99% female insects, that obey blindly via actions based on smells (instincts and chemical hormones), or for our fellow citizens this has been likely upgraded to the slightly more advanced set of emotion triggering.

Prussia was among the first countries in the world to introduce tax-funded and compulsory primary education. In comparison, in France and Great Britain, the Prussians compulsory schooling was not successfully enacted until the 1880s.

“The structure of American schooling, 20th century style, began in 1806 when Napoleon’s amateur soldiers beat the professional soldiers of Prussia at the battle of Jena. When your business is selling soldiers, losing a battle like that is serious. Almost immediately afterwards a German philosopher named Fichte delivered his famous “Address to the German Nation” which became one of the most influential documents in modern history. In effect he told the Prussian people that the party was over, that the nation would have to shape up through a new Utopian institution of forced schooling in which everyone would learn to take orders.

So the world got compulsion schooling at the end of a state bayonet for the first time in human history; modern forced schooling started in Prussia in 1819 with a clear vision of what centralized schools could deliver:

1. Obedient soldiers to the army;

2. Obedient workers to the mines;

3. Well subordinated civil servants to government;

4. Well subordinated clerks to industry

5. Citizens who thought alike about major issues. “

– John Taylor Gatto

Now such an effort to undermine the population into mindless bugs, could never be publicly stated in western countries as the true goal of what was afoot outright. So let us look at some of the key leaders of these changes to see this mess in the guise of reforms for the supposed social good. I will be centering this first article on the US education system, with occasional moves to the anglosphere educational systems.


Pietistic System (Traditional Christianity Undermined for Future Goals)

Pietism, a reformist group within Lutheranism, forged a political alliance with the King of Prussia based on a mutual interest in breaking the dominance of the Lutheran State Church. The Prussian Kings, Calvinists among Lutherans, feared the influence of the Lutheran State Church and its close connections with the provincial nobility (Junkers), while Pietists suffered from persecution by the Lutheran orthodoxy- as did Freemasonry for a time.

One key to Calvinism is its allowance of usury, and this played a part in their trying to appear to be more militant Christians in other areas to compensate for their obvious money lending interests trumping the Bible. Like with the militant Wahhabis in Islam, we have also the moderate Sufiism in Islam, and thus between two wings changes can be managed for a much faster use of the Hegelian Dialectic between the two sects in any religion. The Catholic Church’s endless steps to being weakened beyond all measure, was likley best started in the past by the Venetian, Calvinist, Lombard and Jewish banksters, who would be given a freer hand in loaning to the peasants at loan sharking rates, while offering loans at more modest levels to the nobles for protection from the serfs. The Venetians had used treachery to destroy the Eastern Orthodox power center of Constantinople, which was a rival to trade from the East, so the Venetians and their allies simply moved on to doing the same with the western church, and later moved north to the Netherlands and then England. For proof of this please look into the Venetian Party in England.

Although the Pietism movement was later aligned exclusively within Lutheranism, it had a tremendous impact on Protestantism worldwide, particularly in North America and Europe. So Pietism originated in Germany and emphasized “personal” transformation (self-help) through spiritual rebirth and renewal (like the everchanging Phoenix-like transformations in occult circles). Also there was individual devotion (no need for a liturgy, books or theological priests), as few people could read and so followed their feelings, as we see today as all roads lead to emotional venues and programming by gurus. Has any protestant church remained true to their original forms, or have they constantly shifted to being either Humanist or Zionist supporters of some degree? It would then be accurate that Protestantism was merely a way to do weaken rivals for power. Later nationalism would be done away with as we see today, leaving only the banksters and their monopolists with all multi-national industry under the investment control of Vanguard or Blackrock. For undeniable proof of this please watch this video link: Monopoly Who Owns the World by Tim Gielen)

Pietism is also a term used, outside of its cult-like religious foundation, for “emphasis of a devotional experience and practice”, or an “affectation of devotion”, “pious sentiment, especially of an exaggerated or affected nature”, not necessarily connected with Lutheranism or even Christianity. This is a recipe for all the future cults, where blind following of gurus or “state scientism” is orchestrated to prevail in the very long term.

Pietism had a strong influence on contemporary bohemian artistic culture in Germany at that time; though unread today. The Pietist Johann Georg Hamann held a strong influence in his day. Hindenburg used to call Hitler the “Bohemian Corporal,” because of the tag it had in those times to new age artists over the traditional stoicism.

Traditional churches were suspicious of pietist doctrine which they often viewed as a social danger, as it “seemed either to generate an excess of evangelical fervor, and so disturb the public tranquility, or to promote a mysticism so nebulous as to obscure the imperatives of morality. A movement which cultivated religious feeling almost as an end in itself”. While Françoise-Louise de la Tour stated, “pietist mysticism did less to reinforce the moral law than to take its place… the principle of ‘guidance by inner light’ (illuminati) was often a signal to follow the most intense of her inner sentiments… the supremacy of feeling over reason.” This movement as we can see reeks of Gnosticism and Venetian efforts to weaken yet another traditional church.

Now if we try to follow the endless names that would be off shoots of this guru centered methods, or the socialist atheistic forms of scientism, you would have to follow fashion trends with a passion and thus lose focus on the key points of the dumbing down agenda. Let’s instead pass the waves and waves of spiritualistic movements of so many kinds, that have been used to fabianistically move the population, through the educational system and media, to make us all not meta-physic giants, but emotive peasant bugs.

Frederick the Great (Masonry’s Hidden Hand)

First off, please take note of the old painted portraits you see in museums, history books and online where the subject’s hand is under his clothing and understand this was not a fashion statement of the time, but a way for Masons to show their colors like a gang member. The hidden hand paintings show us Marx, Napoleon and many other’s real backers, as today you see endless methods to cover one eye in fashion magazines, the music industry and so on.

The Prussian Education System was sold under the direction of Frederick the Great (a homosexual) and head of the World Free Masonic Order, and tells why England and Prussia were in bed together at this time. Fredrick the Gay often had a hissy fit when his soldiers would not do as ordered in shooting civilians, which included women and children, as some of his soldiers at the time had some traditional sense of philosophical or classical training, and almost all had the dominate Christian morality. Old Gay Fred the Great also ran away like a coward at his first battle to later find out his army had won, showing that wanting others to kill is often related to your inability to not be able to do so in a fair fight yourself. Roman historical records show how wives in Rome poisoned, and or got a lover or slave, to kill their husbands, and so relates to the ways of submissive-aggressive types in our world today. So are the ways of the fox or weasel type personalities, that cannot be upfront and prefer the shadows, lies and distancing themselves from the actions for plausible deniability. “They hide and lie when no one pursues them.” Such leaders have no mandate of heaven- or honor of men- to rule? So are the oligarchical men of today.

Hitler idolized Old Fred the Great, and Herr Hitler was up to his neck in what was also able to come out of Germany and the English upper-class schools at the time, so named “the Prussian Disease” for gay soldiers of a less effeminate kind. In France it was called the English Disease too, and is used as the first forms of mind control for spies, that date back to the Egyptian priests and their all-seeing eye (anus). This also shows the oligarchical familiarity with some classical Greek Armies, and how some armies then used homosexuality in training, as they are using Wokism and homosexuals today. This centers on the understanding that boys first pleasurable sexual encounter will lead to an addiction to it, like with porn on the Internet. They become unthinking slaves to their dicks.

Educational Destruction in Stages

Stage1: The New Mann

Horace Mann

In 1843, Mann, likely with New England Banksters funding, traveled to Germany to investigate how the educational process worked and when he returned to the United States, he incorporated his experiences in his advocacy for the common school movement in Massachusetts. The Mann persuaded his fellow modernizers, especially those in his Whig Party, to legislate tax-supported elementary public education in their states. Most northern states adopted some version of the system he established in Massachusetts, where the program for “normal schools” to train “professional” teachers- or as critics would say, programmed teachers, that would use qualifications as a way to narrow the education of the teachers and thus the students at the same time.

It was not until he was appointed Secretary in 1837 of the newly created Massachusetts Board of Education that he began the work which was to make him one of America’s most influential educators by his advocacy of the “disuse” of corporal punishment in school discipline, thus allowing a lot of wild boys and some girls to run amuck. While in the British elite schools the cane, dorms (isolation) and fagging was used to train their future imperialists, and later future secret service personel. Most U.S. states adopted a version of the system of the Mann that he established in Massachusetts.

As Secretary of Education, Mann held teachers’ conventions, delivered numerous lectures and addresses, carried on an extensive correspondence, and introduced numerous Prussian and later British reforms. Mann persuaded his fellow modernizers, especially those in the bankrolling Whig Party, to legislate tax-supported elementary public education in their states and to feminize (beehive) the teaching force. Most northern states adopted one version or another to make “normal schools” to train professional teachers. Please notice how all the titles for reforms packages etc. have been misnamed to hide the agenda so early on.

By instilling obedience to authority, promptness in attendance, which lead later by future reformers to bell ringing, and in the false claim to help students prepare for future employment. So questioning authority with critical thinking was thus marginalized and later slowly effectively banned as everyone became more and more a teacher’s pet of some shade. This submissiveness to teachers went hand-in-hand with the teachers being submissive to the people at the top. I have heard in my lifetime from kin and friends the phases, “Just shut up and get the diploma.” There is no understanding of the cost to such pragmatism, as people that spend their lifetime receiving their status, wealth and other benefits are unlikely to be honest to anyone about how their system is so deeply flawed, for they are asking less respect for themselves for their ranks to the simply minded, and invite questioning of themselves in a way they have never really dealt with. For the vast majority of these bureaucrats playing along with things is the default position.

Deeper thought shows working with your family on your farm, or family business, meant you failed subjects for bad attendance at this early time, and Pavlov reactions to bells made you ready for the factory, after not being able to work on the farm anymore. Just like England, Scotland and Ireland the clearances from the land of family farms and clans allowed for excess laborers, and began the oversupply of workers that manufacturers have always wanted to have till this day with East Indians coming in on visas and overnight telephone lines creating the whole Indian software industry. Too many workers mean lower wages and is why borders are wide open in the west. Farms were the first small business, and so in the name of modernization they started to curb self-employment of all kinds. Today with Covid, you have the outright attack on small farms and small businesses of all kinds, with the Dutch farmers having environmental totalitarianism shutting them down so the multi-nationals can produce GMO food.

The Mann faced some resistance from parents in his time who did not want to give up the moral education to teachers and bureaucrats. The normal (public) schools trained mostly women, giving them new career opportunities as teachers, and kept them away from marriage longer, or likely got them stressed out from large groups of children, that were not their own, and likely motivated many to not having children at all, or fewer of them (win-win for depopulation). The Mann believed that women were better suited for teaching regurgitation and getting in touch with feelings, regardless of their status as a mother, and used his position to push for a “feminization” as early as the 1830s on the profession. The “Protestant work ethic” is connected to work before family, as time measures concern, and in Japan the population has decreased heavily as salarymen have no time for family in producing and bringing up children. Educated women that work have fewer children as a rule.

The practical result of the Mann’s work was a quiet revolution in the approach used in the common school system of Massachusetts, which in turn influenced the eventual direction of all other states’ public-school systems to this day. In carrying out his work, the Mann met with bitter opposition by some Boston schoolmasters who strongly disapproved of his innovative pedagogical ideas, and by various religious sectarians, who resisted the exclusion of all sectarian instruction from the schools.

Direct Example: The 4 Ds

(The Deliberate Dumbing Down Destruction of Phonics)

Like many nineteenth century reformers, Horace Mann believed that, “children would find it far more interesting and pleasurable to memorize words and read short sentences and stories without having to bother to learn the names of the letters.” Instead of students being able to sound out words for themselves and so learn new words and read on their own, they would need to be like students that study Chinese Characters and learn each one as itself. Thus, losing one of the greatest aspects of the English language to self-teach, and therefore western students would only learn the words they were told how to pronounce, and therefore be trapped with what they were, and are taught- and not go out on their own. So here we have their agenda in direct action, as other administrative changes can be harder to see directly. Like Twitter now, in its only allowing enough letters for some words to be used, for they are intentionally limiting vocabulary, for the serfs or slaves cannot rebel if they cannot articulate what is wrong. Whatever happens with Twitter you lose and they win for this fact alone.

According to a female useful idiot or oligarchic wannabe Diane Ravitch, the Mann condemned the alphabet method, claiming that it was “repulsive and soul-deadening to children”. While the Jewess Ravitch supported sometimes using both, a perfect female compromise on an issue that should not be compromised on. The Mann described the letters of the alphabet as “a skeleton-shaped, bloodless, ghostly apparitions.” The Mann believed that, “children’s earliest books should teach whole words, skipping the alphabet and the sounds of the letters.”

Your unhumble author says this from experience as all the students that I have taught phonics have excelled like a snowball running downhill, which turns into an avalanche of learning, and leaves the whole words students in their dust. The oligarch’s motivation is clear as they experienced Chinese Characters in Asia and saw how this limited the scholarship and allowed for an authoritative structure to overlay the less educated middle and lower classes.

Stage 2: John Dewey, the Rockefeller Lacky

Dewey’s educational theories were presented in My Pedagogic Creed (1897), The Primary-Education Fetich (1898), The School and Society (1900), The Child and the Curriculum (1902), Democracy and Education (1916), Schools of To-morrow (1915) with Evelyn Dewey, and Experience and Education (1938).

Dewey tried to distance himself from any of his reforms that created a backlash, which will be a theme in the agenda filled education until this very day. His “children centered education” and the using of education to bring political and social change has gone throughout this period as well. Dewey’s was a committed anglophile wannabe to the British neo-Hegelianism. Of course psychology pragmatism was used to push the political child centered agenda, as the phases “child centered” was designed to make people opposed to centering on the child be… anti-child?? Dewey did acknowledge that education and schooling were instrumental in creating social change and reform, yet the targets stated, and the “real targets”, were completely different. Dewey covered for the oligarchs by instead of stating the economic depression was the results of fat cats, prefered to link the ensuing economic depression to a “lack of sufficient production of intelligence, skill, and character” of the nation’s workforce. “Let know crisis go to waste,” was not invented in the 21st century by Ralm Emanual. Dewey argued that teacher-education programs must turn away from focusing on producing proficient practitioners, because such practical skills related to instruction and discipline can be learned over time during their everyday school work with their students. This was in effect saying that the teachers themselves would learn like animals and therefore had to recreate the wheel, instead of being taught how to avoid problems from the beginning. From this stage they later got taught political agendas, as the foot was in the door for top-down control of how teachers would teach and discipline. Dewey as to his masters, was an advocate of US participation in the First World War for England. Anglophile till the end.

Randolph Bourne, who was a strong critic of Dewey, rightly argued that instrumentalism’s preoccupation with moral ends and proper means forgot about values. Pragmatists like Dewey and his big banksters backers, who uncritically focused on process and efficiency, did not mind quality of life. The youth, Bourne wrote, “were trained to execute on events but not to contemplate the intellectual worth of their outcomes.” Bourne said of his former mentor, John Dewey, and other socialists of his generation, including Samuel Gompers, Algie Martin Simons, and John Spargo that they “excoriated his generation’s intellectuals as lacking a philosophy of life aside for connecting pragmatic means to ends: They are vague as to what kind of society they want, or what kind of society America needs, but they are equipped with all the administrative attitudes and talents necessary to attain it.” They were of course creating pencil-necks that would follow orders and show their diplomas as a pass to higher status and ranks in the new bureaucracy.

As an atheist and a secular humanist, Dewey participated with a variety of matching activities till the 1950s, which included sitting on the advisory board of Charles Francis Potter’s First Humanist Society of New York (1929); being one of the original 34 signatories of the first Humanist Manifesto (1933) and being elected an honorary member of the Humanist Press Association (1936). As the media was next on the list to be controlled.

Stage 3: Destruction of Last Vestiges of Masculine Education

(The Frankfurt School of Socialists & Zionists)

Most educated conservatives are all too aware of The Frankfurt School and its destruction of education, the family and the social order by deracinating all concerned, so I will not go into much detail here. Yet despite it being the next stage it was presented as a rejection Dewey when first presented, instead of it being a pre-arranged prepared replacement from the very same social programmers. Dewey was said to be a utilitarian and instrumentalist, thus contributing to the “administered world” the Frankfurt educators and their Frankist masters supposedly abhorred. More irony is added to the mix as both Dewey and Horkheimer (1986) claim that the German idealist and individualist tradition is partially responsible for the emergence of the Third Reich. So “Ideals and individualism” lead to totalitarians, not the Mann and Dewey regimentation of the education system, or the top-down Frankfort School’s System that further removes critical thinking to bring even more emotive students? This was simply the next step to get a hegelian unruly wing in education of students, to be opposed to a secretly emotive regimentation education on the other wing. Between the two you get what we have today in anglophile public schools and also in more and more private schools-except for the very elite ones.

Instead of the communists and fascist being shown to have been financed by powerful economic forces in the West, to destroy the German and Russian states in WWI, the blame rested via the Frankfort School and Frankists, “on families headed by strong patriarchs??” This, along with the communists and socialist targeting the bourgeoisie (the middle class) instead of those at the top, had a breaking of resistance to their growing bankster control of the media, political institutions and educational system of the USA.

At each step in this long process the willful young males would often give up on the system in some way, especially when there were fewer fathers engaged in their families, and that is why sports became so strong in the schooling systems, so as to keep boys in the schools to be better programmed. We must never forget that “bravery” is being surpressed in these insitutions (beehive) as the traditional cultures all over the world would have a place and time where young males would go through rituals where they became men, which invovled a show of bravery to the tribe and family. In the beehive the drones try to mate with the queen (genes are used) and then discarded. Real progress of the hive is stagnated for the sake of a passive workforce. Our restless males would go to war for the same system, that was trying to dumb them down, or join crime groups, that were slowly controled from the time of the Opium Wars, or gotten rid of in the long term. As in the movie the Godfather, “So Michael you are going to die for strangers instead of your family in the army…you putz.” During the 60s this new hegelian step would be created to allow critical thinking in attacking traditional ideas, that could not be done within the bureaucray alone, as the Hippie students would be used to change the curriculum from both below and above. Critiquing communism was not encouraged so as to allow for the sweeping away of traditions faster. Soldiers in the army would lose another tie to all the civilians, as they would now fight for their fellow soldiers, and unknowingly, deep state olygarchs. The divide and conquer methods would involve hippies spitting on soliders returning from a psychological war, that involved the Phoenix Program and the control of the music industry covered in American Sun article linked: Totally Contrived Youth Sub-Culture


Rationalized Cowardice

The Prussian Education System was eased in over time in the west, but its purpose was to make learners instinctive, emotive, regurgitative, but most of all passive to authority figures. Women have better verbal skills on average, and love to retell emotive things, and hence are bound to excel past males in repeating verbatim education, and not so well in deductive answers the teacher does not tell the student outright. This is why jobs are being filled in the new reset system by women and Woke types, as they make better bees.

When women gossip, they do not question their supplier of news, as that would end goodwill, and risk receiving gossip directed at themselves. This is why women will not question ideas from authority figures much, and why educators are coming down with the feminism and woke ideas (top-down) and not the other way round. Feminism did not succeed originally as women did not want to work in factories, as most of that original generation that were exposed had had female kin that had just escaped the drudgery of such labor.

It was the world wars that disturbed strong males, that brought women into the workforce and a male-like lifestyle there, to allow them to not be as happy in the home later with a man who was distant. Such vets would often relive gross deaths of fellow military buddies during the day or in their dreams, and knew their wives would be unable to deal with such fears, as wives were merely terrified of being the brunt of some local gossip. Today many weak people refuse to see what is going on for it is too scary to contemplate, and are the same. It was the 60s Generation that turned distant strict dads into “daddy issues” as they were unable to relate to anyone but their own very spoiled generation that talked too much about emotions.

An example of the instinctive female instincts and how they follow their peer-group instinctively is as follows:

Women go to the washroom together with other females due to the safety that it had in more primitive times. In tests when human urine was placed around a campsite, female urine attracted predators from miles away, while the same predators would not cross male urine tracks and generally distanced themselves from the markings depended on the level of testosterone. This is why healthy robust male animals urinate on high points of trees to let it be known further away. This also explains how weaker people are uncomfortable with strong males generally, even if they do nothing aggressive and generally act normal. Women become attracted to strong males only for a smaller portion of their monthly cycle, otherwise they go with the media and peer-group.

Women go to the washrooms together for in the wild many women look out, while others were squatting, which is obviously advantageous, but it also often mixed the urine points and so predators had a harder time to know whose urine was the weakest, in addition how to gauge which female was having a menstrual cycle (as to blood) and most important of all who had just given birth, as there would be many female urine points all in the same area. So it has been for a very long time, but women still go as a group today, because they feel better even though the washrooms have been for females only until recently. Aside from rats and spiders in the toilets, the threats have been limited in the restrooms. Instincts thus have trumped thinking, as fear and comfort is more powerful than common sense, as washroom activities are not naturally prone to companionship. Males in the washroom always prefer space between each other, but will put up with a closer spacing. Women go to the restrooms to talk gossip too, but why should they, as are they not forthright in their expressions at the table with others outside the bathroom, or are there still more fears in this world to not speak up-so are not women more powerful now?

So like zebras’ stripes, in a mass herds, confusing predators as to which one to bring down were and are the traits in most women in following the group at all costs. It would be important to understand that in nature the vast majority of fellow females do not help each other when being chased or taken down by predators, as they are selfish then-when it counts. Some women would be more noble with protecting children, but with abortion and careers, children are becoming less imporant to many of them. Running away to get someone else (a cop) to risk death for you is hardly changing the facts. Women have so many friends on facebook”for protection”, not to give protection in real terms to others. The new change of putting Wokist Washrooms (unisex) into the mix therefore has the clear target of making women, girls and young boys fear the washrooms instinctively all the more, as I suspect porned out males will enter as an alphabet soup of pronouns to make politically correct women, and non-politically correct women, all the more hysterical on the issue. Women who feel secure think logically more, and so making things insecure makes women think less and feel more.

There are many examples that show women follow their peer-group more, and so will our weaker males follow the herd with them to make themselves, and or their partners, feel comfortable in the short term. The Calhoun Experiments show the oligarchies know much of what they are doing in recent history is spoiling youth, and then watching them become the last generation of mice that groomed themselves endlessly, avoided all disputes and have no need for having families.

Long term protection of the family is for males that see what is going on and can make the brave unpopular actions needed to avoid it. With both a 50% decline in sperm counts and testosterone levels, and estrogen mimickers in everything, it seems someone wants to turn males into “Yowa Mushi”- Japanese for cowardly scattering bug(s). For details on the chemicals affecting males please watch this video (link). Wokism and feminism was designed as a crutch for the effects of these chemicals in males, and to misdirect any anger from those affected by the olygarchies, to instead blame other males. So if someone takes notice of their lower testoserone they will feel, ” Good because it is toxic anyway.”

If we are to see the new beehive for what it is, we must see why women have been useful idiots in turning normal males into more effete males, as the oligarchies have used the arrogance that many women have for their own emotive ways, in turning males and boys into effeminates to make themselves feel more comfortable, have more control of their family’s males, or due to not bothering to understand themselves or men- for real. Men cannot resist what is going on with a wife wanting to placate a system bent on their culling them. Women need to wise up fast, and see the state media’s endless falttery for what it is!

First stage feminism declared that women wanted to be respected for their minds, and any strong male would be attracted to this, as a wife that can be logical is a plus to any family, as long as she accepts that it takes much study and action to test bravery to really be a person that uses logic properly in a brave way. Otherwise, women will use logic to pursue emotions, which is an inversion of a Philosophical Soul.

What the later stages of feminism brought is just another form of weak male, in a female’s body. In the male world of the past weak males with big mouths got hammered until they wised up or died, as non-stop barking of challaneges met with takers. As in the Calhoun Experiment the male rats had 3 types, with some never fighting (which comes from the female form in humans), some always fighting (insecure boys with too much new testosterone) and some being selective of when to fight (mature strong male). People that think they are undefeated in our world, where you can say anything and be arrested if choose to fight physically about it, are dysfunctional and are teacher’s pets and or class clowns run amuck. Shooting someone with a gun teaches nothing to the dead, for in the past fistfights would be seen by many onlookers and reported to everyone of concern, and often led to changes of many kinds in individual people. It lead to dealing with bullies outside the authority figure system, which meant much more as you had to be truly vulnerable and therefore truly brave. Now tattle tails become snitches and later Karens. It is no surprise to me that Karens have come from our educational system, as they think they have authority figures to back them up, as one who has their head up the ass of the system, has limited power and an undefeated record in their own pathetic minds. Female teachers tolerate snitches more than male ones do. Busybodies of the past were mostly spinsters or widows, and so thought of poorly by the town, and connected historically to witches.

The Classics tell us that comedy rises in times of civilizational decline, as with Woody Allen, half-cowards feel better about watching 100% pathetic cowards on screen, and being made famous with words and boasts is a world where acts of bravery and true inventive knowledge are not prized because there are few strong people to praise it. Instead, we now have fashion and gossip talk in sports galore, as designed, to turn actions of strength and bravery into another form of weakness by what they say or wear.  It is not about “the ball” in sports. Or as the saying goes, “Strong men make good times, good times make weak men, and weak men make bad times.”

In such a world women and weak males can be undefeated in their ideas, as few know how to debate logically, and follow their emotions, for there is no one to set them straight, and in fact the state has fake theories in education to tell them they are superior, and occupations they can have by how hard they pursue the programming. Any man of my generation, and prior to ours, can remember such a loud and stupid male that would never stop with his BS and what happened to him many times until he learned to smarten up. The vast majority of modern feminist women simply remind me of these weak males, and most certainly turn me off of them fast- like the oldest weakest males do. Young boys need to be taught to be man, and so do not turn strong men off. Their claims of men being afraid of a strong woman is silly. “Faking it till you make it”, is not from the male world.

A humble self-effacing woman is like those philosophers that were self-effacing and it is admirable. If she admits her fears to those she trusts, she is still better than the young boy or weak male that says he is not afraid of anything to cover his insecurity- and so it is with feminists, but much worse. For feminists of today are delusional as to their fears and their logical fallacies. The first act of philosophy is to “Know Thyself” and you cannot do so lying to those that are strong males, who women should want as mates. Such strong men do not want to be ruled by a pretty fool, let alone a ugly one that does not even know that trying to act stronger and smarter to a stronger man will never work.  This wise idea has been changed to the endless and unconcrete idea of ” Know Thy Emotions” that help a shrink’s pocketbook only.

Most women have simply tried to take the best of the old fashion ways for women, and the best of the new fashionable feminist ways at individual levels that vary between each woman, and often between the different moods each woman is in at any given moment. In additon you are supposed to know without them even saying! Ridiculous. Thus, making it impossible to read the tea leaves, as weaker males spend their waking hours trying to know how their girlfriend, or wife, feels that day, just as these flawed males learned from their single moms to cater to them too. Obviously, this is a full-time job for the weakest males, but keeps most out of what is going on in other areas, and therefore they become as pragmatic as their women are. Such weak males and women are no threat to the powers that shouldn’t be, and as said fake it till they hope they make it.

In the end there is a dumbing down ongoing, but also a cowarding up! For how can anyone do any logical course of action if one is afraid to do it? Intelligence is negated this way. If this were not the case there would be testosterone mimickers everywhere in our urban environment and products, making for truly strong women that would not be too keen to get a boy toy band pop star, and not put up with the state taking their children in any way shape of form, as they would go to war with it and demand any weaker male to man up. They would admire lion males and despise fox types.

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