The Great Replacement

By Riley Donovan for the Council of European Canadians

The concept of the Great Replacement was coined by Renaud Camus in his 2011 book of the same name, Le Grand Remplacement. Camus, a deeply intellectual and well-read novelist, started to formulate this idea in the 1990s when he noticed that the population of some old French villages had been almost completely replaced by largely Muslim immigrants. Although Renaud Camus is particularly concerned with what he sees as the Great Replacement of the French population by large-scale immigration, the concept of the Great Replacement has spread throughout the Western world.

It’s a very simple concept: the populations of white countries like Canada, Australia, the United States, France, England, Scandinavia, Belgium, and so on are being replaced by mass non-white immigration. Whereas Canada was 96% white in the early 1970s, the last census in 2011 showed that this had dropped to 71%. The 2021 census will likely reveal that the country is closer to 57-60% white. Given that the Trudeau government is continually working to increase immigration to Canada, if current trends continue white Canadians will become a minority in the 2020s. This same statistical thinking can be applied to any Western country experiencing high immigration levels, but everyone can see that the Great Replacement is an accurate concept in their everyday life. Renaud Camus himself thinks about the concept in a qualitative, subjective way, defending his theories by telling people to look around them and notice that the racial composition of the West is changing before their very eyes.

Wikipedia declares that the Great Replacement is a “white nationalist conspiracy theory” which “scholars have dismissed…as being rooted in an exaggerated reading of immigration statistics and unscientific, racist views”. Jon Skolnik of calls it a “racist delusion”. Despite these condemnations, the theory is making its way into mainstream discourse in the West.

Until this year, the concept of the Great Replacement was little-known among the general population. I only heard about it several years ago. However, it is swiftly gaining prominence in France. This summer, Renaud Camus was given a very fair and friendly interview by André Bercoff of Sud Radio, a popular conservative radio station. He defended the Great Replacement concept in this interchange, but it truly started to take off during the past month with conservative journalist Eric Zemmour’s candidacy.

Eric Zemmour, the son of Berber Jewish immigrants, is a vocal critic of immigration to France. He maintains that Islam is not compatible with the Republic, all illegal and legal immigration must be stopped immediately, parents giving their children foreign last names must be prohibited by law, and that if these and similar measures are not implemented French civilization will be conquered and colonized. Zemmour openly describes mass immigration to France as “le Grand Replacement”, and vociferously defends the validity of the concept whenever a journalist questions or criticizes it. On September 7th, one journalist asked Zemmour whether the changes in racial and religious demographics in France might be better described as merely a demographic upheaval. Zemmour doubled down with the following statement:

No, because it’s more than an upheaval. It’s a genuine replacement. Meaning, you have a population which is French, White, Christian, of Greco-Roman culture, borrowing the famous terminology again from General De Gaulle, and after forty years, that is replaced by a population who are Maghrebian, African, and for the most part Muslim. That is what you call a replacement. A population is eradicated from the civilization and replaced by another civilization.

Eric Zemmour is known in France for his rapid-fire excited debating style, usually peppered with hyper-specific historical references and quotes from Charles De Gaulle or Napoleon.

On September 27th, the French Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno LeMaire said during an interview that the Great Replacement is a “fantasy”. Zemmour retweeted the clip and told the minister to “go ascertain the fantasy on the RER B”, in reference to a metro line in Paris that is now almost entirely used by immigrants. Just think about this situation for a second. I realize that the world is not exactly normal right now, and our minds increasingly fail to notice surreal events, but think about the fact that a French Minister just denounced the Great Replacement on live television and a political candidate replied by trolling him on twitter, receiving 7700 likes. It would be one thing if Zemmour was a fringe candidate, but he is now polling at 17-18% according to Harris Interactive, meaning that he will make it to the second round of the 2022 French election. He is currently polling at #2 in the whole country. Once other right wing candidates like Marine Le Pen drop out or are eliminated in the first round of the 2022 elections, Zemmour’s support will rise even higher.

And by the way, he hasn’t even officially declared his candidacy yet. I’ve been referring to him as a political candidate for the sake of expediency, but technically he is only an assumed candidate. He is expected to announce his candidacy soon, as he has been promoting his new book La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot, giving speeches to massive crowds, and answering policy questions from journalists in interviews. Once he declares his candidacy officially, no doubt he will receive a boost of at least a few more points.

In the United States, meanwhile, Tucker Carlson declared that Joe Biden and the Left want to “change the racial mix of the country” with open borders. Tucker elaborated:

Biden went further and said non-white DNA is, quote, ‘the source of our strength’. Imagine saying that. This is the language of eugenics. It’s horrifying. But there’s a reason Biden said it: In political terms, this policy is called the Great Replacement, the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from faraway countries.

Again, I encourage you to really ponder that over for a moment. In the Dissident Right movement, there is a tendency towards despondency that manifests in people giving up on activism and lamenting on the internet that “there are no political solutions” and all is lost. But let’s think about what’s currently happening. A candidate in France is running on an anti-immigration platform, openly naming the Great Replacement, is almost certainly going to make it to the second round of the 2022 elections and could potentially win given that his ideas have a broad base of support in France. In the United States, a Fox News TV host with a massive audience of rural Trump supporters across the country named the Great Replacement on live TV and still has his job.

75 million+ Trump voters compose the heartland of the United States. 84% of Trump Supporters are now worried that anti-white discrimination will increase in the next few years.

Comparisons to 1984 can seem trite, but I believe that it’s undeniable that George Orwell’s literary masterpiece correctly describes our everyday lives. I encourage you to find a copy and read it again, or for the first time, and you will see the similarities. It’s a society where every aspect of life is controlled by the State, even people’s own minds. The citizens have been conditioned to deny basic truths that they can see with their own eyes, to the point that they must repeat such inanities as “2 + 2 = 5”. The citizens maintain one day that “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia” and the following that “Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia”. The worst thing is, most people besides the main character Winston believe the self-contradictory truths that they utter.

We also are asked to lie, and I don’t need to tell you about what, or remind you how humiliating the whole process is. Diversity is Canada’s strength but non-whites are overrepresented in jails, the Great Replacement is a white nationalist conspiracy theory but Canada’s changing demographics are a good thing, transgender curriculums in school help kids but prayer in school hurts kids, race isn’t real but white people are worse than other races, Canada has always been a diverse nation but Canada has always been a white supremacist nation. And the most current, most chilling, for me at the moment: the efficacy of vaccines only lasts 6 months but they are our ticket back to normal, and there will never actually be another old normal but the New Normal is good, and the vaccine is harmless but the booster shots will only be half-doses because of the harms caused by the vaccine, and the vaccine is just like all other vaccines ever administered but the experimental never-before-used technology in the vaccine is good.

The world of 1984 only came to be that way, I believe, because of a long chain of previous events which paved the way. Citizens of Oceania first accepted small lies that seemed unimportant; after all, they didn’t want to lose friends or be uncouth! They then accepted larger lies, and they became slightly troubled by this, but they didn’t want to harm their professional career prospects or social life! Then the lies kept getting bigger, and more disturbing, and after repeating them or failing to dispute them they’d feel nauseous. But they’d already accepted in their hearts the principle that lying for the purpose of expediency was morally acceptable; would it really make sense to turn back now?

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

Needless to say, we are in the same situation. We truly live in an odd period on the universe’s strangest timeline. Our role, I think, is to do our part to stop our world becoming 1984. I can hear the pessimists already, insisting that it’s too late, that we are already living in 1984. But the truth is that it can get far, far worse than it is right now. There is good news: people are starting to wake up and openly reject the New World Order ideology. A revolt is brewing in France, and increasingly in the United States as well. We are seeing things that we would have never thought we’d see before.

If we keep pressing our opposition to mass immigration at the grassroots level, spreading our messages to the small towns especially, we can help force the leaders of the West to come down hard on the topic of the Great Replacement: for, or against? There is no middle ground on the coming culture war over the Great Replacement. If we lose, the West will have accepted the Great Lie, the idea that white countries becoming non-white is harmless, helpful, and a white nationalist conspiracy theory. If we win, and the populations of white countries openly oppose the changing demographics of the West, a blow so great will have been dealt to the New World Order agenda that the whole project will be left reeling and splintered.

How can you help expand the Overton Window further?

  • Spread our message in your community. Print out excerpts of articles, or parts of the ‘About Us’ section and put them in libraries, pin them to notice boards and telephone poles.
  • Request that your public library purchases Canada in Decay. Do the same from your local Legion if they have a book section.
  • Ask all the independent newspapers in magazines in your area whether they might want you as a culture/current events columnist. You couldn’t go all the way with the full truth, but you could push the envelope by offering reasoned critiques of multicultural initiative in local schools and so on.
  • Spread our message to mainstream conservatives. Post based content to Canada News on or submit content to the many Canadian conservative Facebook groups and pages.
  • Join the fight in your area against various movements that fit within the New World Order agenda. The latest, most relevant, is the fight against vaccine mandates and supporting those businesses that are resisting them. Also relevant is the fight against 5G cell towers, which cause a whole host of health problems and are involved in the transhumanist movement to digitize society. The pushback against the expansion of affordable housing, which breaks up traditional communities and brings crime and drug use to nice areas, is another current cause. By joining these worthy causes, you will find likeminded freethinkers in your area who will be potentially receptive to our ideas at if you mention it to them. They would no doubt appreciate you lending them a based book or sharing our content.

The elites are scared. Their current actions are not the behaviour of a confident regime. People are beginning to question their lies. Keep calm and keep up the good fight.


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