The Malarkey Revolution

By Musonius for Identity Dixie

I don’t think this election fraud is the communist revolution that the Left is making it out to be. The Antifa have torched cities and churches, assaulted the police, attacked the White House, and did it all on video where everyone could see it. They are the “peaceful protesters” of America’s own “colour revolution.” They have created the illusion of popular appeal for regime change so the government coup looks “democratic.” The United States government does this to other countries all the time. Now, it is doing it to its own citizenry. That is why the Antifa are so obviously above the law.

But the Antifa have also been discredited in the eyes of their most powerful foot soldier – normie conservatives. Normiecons usually can’t wait to disown their friends and family when the Left tells them to but, with this ridiculous election fiasco, they are now fedposting and in “do something” mode just like the right-wingers they normally betray. It should be easy for us right-wingers to evangelize to them right now. They are less likely than ever to believe left-wing propaganda. We should concentrate on waking them up and let them fight the Left. They certainly haven’t done anything until now, so it’s their turn.

If this colour revolution is successful, however, then the Antifa might actually be long-knifed by their own creators to prevent them from discrediting their glorious reign. These election riggers need maximum credibility for their legislative acts now, after all. The Democratic base is triumphantly nasty at the moment because the mongoloids think they just removed Orange Hitler, saved the earf, and get to kill their neighbours now, but the Democratic party itself is not very happy. They lost this one in Congress and didn’t win a single state legislative chamber. They lost the New Hampshire Senate and Alaska House instead.

The Republican Party leaders have obviously made a deal with the riggers. They won in state elections big time and now get to control redistricting. This will handicap Democrats in the House and Senate for at least a decade. Sacrificing President Trump was well worth it for them, but they will have to spend a lot of the next two years building up their credibility with their voting base again. Normally, these heros can’t even defend the women’s bathroom from perverts, but I don’t think they will be able to bravely surrender like usual for a while.

You see, the Republican base are simply furious with the GOP right now. Many of the Party’s junior members were not cut in on the deal and rode in on Trump’s populist coattails. The Republicans must go back to pretending that they really are “going to catch the roadrunner this week” to keep a shred of credibility. Don’t count Trump out either. If he pulls off a judicial miracle somehow, then the salt-mining of libtards will be legendary. But, I don’t think he can really stand against both parties at the same time. I expect at least his court cases will be distracting enough to keep the normiecons mad through the holidays. Fox News really did let the mask slip too much. Newsmax will grow and Faux News will plateau.

Now, who are these election riggers? Who benefits from giving the White House to the Democrats but is willing to sacrifice Democratic legislators at the same time? Well, where is the Presidency most important? Foreign policy. There is a reason why the generals and the intelligence community hate Trump the most. There is a reason that the key players all have made fortunes in Ukraine. I can only guess who these glow-in-the-dark riggers are and why exactly they want to return to aggressive U.S. meddling overseas, but I think China is going to be just fine. I shouldn’t want to be Russia next year though. Maybe that’s why Putin suddenly got Parkinson’s and will retire soon? That is my reading of the Kremlinology.

Did the rank-and-file Democrats benefit from the “peaceful protesters”? No, the Republicans did. Biden and his cronies get to control the executive branch a little bit more than they already did under Trump. Pelosi got to spank the new woke kids and other e-celebs looking to displace her. Low-information Democratic voters lost this election, folks. They will not be unleashed upon us to put grandma in the gulag. The United States must be very “united” and strong to return to war. Bipartisan good feelings is the next act of this play. Many aisles will be reached across for the sake of “democracy” come January.

Hopefully, Covid has served its purpose and can disappear now, too. The lockdowns hurt Trump’s economic gains and his voter base the most. They grew Big Business and now we have enough Biden mail-in ballots to last us for the next decade. Good job, Chicoms! I also expect climate change to stop causing those forest fires in the Pacific Northwest that only occur south of the Canadian border. Mother Nature, herself, has been defeated. President Biden held her down and sniffed her.

Big Tech played a decisive role, and TV really is still very important, but I think the corrupt prosecutors were the real MVPs of the Malarkey Revolution. Letting the Antifa commit felonies on video and get away scot-free was a real vulgar display of their power. Charlottesville was the test run for the tactic. The reanimated corpse is now the most popular president in American history, and he didn’t even have to campaign to do it. This is just not the communist revolution that Democratic voter base think it is. It is a neocon revolution that returns the U.S. to imperial norms under Obama. Raytheon stock is going through the roof right now for real. The Zionists beat the Bundists. The neocons were the swamp-running riggers.

The citizenry of the United States could always surprise the world by doing the right thing here. They could throw the bums out. Citizens could start nullifying federal laws left-and-right. The Tenth Amendment Center has a lot of great ideas. Grand juries have all the legal power in the world to investigate their prosecutors instead of rubber stamping them. Secession created the United States in the first place and it could be used to create another country or many. All the states could secede and then reform a union based upon the Constitution and just the first 13 amendments. That’s a simple solution.

Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier than pretending that the United States was still a real country?

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