The Spiritual Struggle

By Townes Van Plants for Truth to Power

After two decades of exploring and studying every country, culture, religion and spirituality I could, while getting a degree in comparative religion along the way, I came to one conclusion: If you don’t believe in God, it’s because you’re either ignorant or arrogant. There are no other options.  With that said, I can say that I one hundred percent believe that the only real enemy is the synagogue of Satan. Not the Satan you think of in the bible. Satan is not a horned god, bright red or bright blue, no cloven hooves, nothing so exciting. Just a representative of falsehoods, failure and Chaos. The enemy exist for only one reason, and that is to turn people away from Order and reality. I don’t care if you refer to that reality as The Collective Unconscious, God, Krishna, Buddha, Thor, Allah, or even YHWH.

The summation of reality is that humans exist as individual parts of a greater whole. Even at it’s greatest, that greater whole means nothing in the grand scheme of things. You exist to serve your community and your community exists to serve your people. Satan is whatever stops you from doing this. If you don’t believe in anything, the enemy has won. The synagogue of Satan, the people that don’t believe in anything, that don’t believe in land from which you were born, that don’t believe in the blood of your ancestors, that don’t believe in God. Those people have won. Your enemy, our enemy, has fooled you. If you don’t believe in a greater power than yourself then you can be diminished. You can be atomized and isolated into thinking all that matters is your family, or, in modernity, all that matters is YOU as an individual.

These people that want to see your lineage die out, they have you convinced that your pleasures, hobbies and interests are the only thing that’s important. The search for a mate? The search to have children? It can all be pushed off. As long as you’re happy in the present. They don’t do this because of a greater fight between good vs evil. No war for your soul. They are Godless and only do this because it is the path of least resistance. If they can convince You to believe that there is no greater power, they can convince you that nothing matters except your inner world. Only you matter… and if only you matter? Then why try to reproduce, why try to produce anything, why try to have children and engage and be a better person?

Why build societies and civilizations? Why philosophize and try to create a better world? After all, the only thing that matters is your short-sighted pleasure seeking behavior. Your consumption. This ability to destroy a society by destroying the individual is the basis of the [redacted] plan. The basics of The Protocols of the Elders of [redacted]. Your destruction, specifically the destruction of your beliefs, is the basis of their existence and the end-game to all of their plans. To be clear, I have no problem with Agnostics, hell, I don’t have a problem with Atheists. The entire modern world of Hollywood is against you and the modern Church that has affected your upbringing feels like bullshit too.

I know how you feel. You found out that you’ve been lied to your whole life, how could you trust anyone? If you can’t trust your boomer parents who still believe in the greatest hoax, how can you trust the Church that they forced you to go to? I understand completely. But trust me when I say that the Church you went to as a kid, the place maybe your parents only took you to for Easter and Christmas, the place that bored you to tears? That isn’t representative of what is really available.

Do you discount every possible restaurant because your parent’s favorite restaurant only served crappy food that you hated? Maybe they like it there, or maybe they only went there because they grew up with it, but that doesn’t mean you have to go there. It doesn’t mean all restaurants are garbage. The core belief of every Church, every Cathedral, every temple and every religious building should be one in the same. The belief that YOU aren’t the world. That YOU don’t have control, that YOU don’t matter as an individual.

You are not special and you are not unique. But you are important. You exist to serve a greater power. I don’t care how you think of a greater power, but if you can’t accept that there is one, than they have won, and they will minimize and subvert your every desire, your every accomplishment, your every thought. That power can be viewed simply as the power of your family. You serve your wife, your brothers, your children. You serve your parents and you serve your friends. They all need you. But it’s not just them, it’s your people that need you.

A belief in a greater power is an acceptance that everything we do needs to be for a greater purpose. Every decision we make should be to better ourselves so that we can better provide for our spouse and our children, so that they too can provide for our people. A belief in a greater power is a belief that every choice you makes matters. You know that feeling after you give-in to a weakness, say binge-watching tv, too much vidya or just eating garbage? The opposite of that feeling exists and it comes from doing the right thing.

If for no spiritual reason, for no theological reason, you need to know that you matter. Without you, there is no us. Without us, there is no purpose to life. Your family needs you. Your people need you. If you accept no other greater power, accept the greater power that is your tribe.

And so, it doesn’t matter what your personal history of belief is, whether you think we evolved free will or a greater power gave us agency, I believe that this free will is the source of evil and of our unhappiness. A look into the largest & most popular belief systems suggest that they believe this as well. Abrahamic religions for example believes that the more rules & instructions you have, the more you can do what you must without worrying about the alternatives.

Buddhism, too, believes the more you understand how to live your life, the better it will become. Every religion gives us instructions proposing that the closer we follow them the happier we will be & the more in-balance we will be living with nature, The Tao or even God.

If we were strong enough to make the right choices, we would be happier.

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