There is no morality to accepting extinction

By Sid Secular for Occidental Observer


They lie.

They lie when they speak in glowing terms of the “enrichment” created for us by America’s burgeoning “diversity.”

In reality, a vast and inexorable destruction is spreading across America, and it is the entirely unnecessary and entirely deliberate dissolution of what we once revered as our nation and culture.  Americans had a people to which they belonged, and a cultural identity as distinct as that of any other society on earth.  Only the willfully blind can fail to see that both of those things are now vanishing quickly and forever.

It is a tribute to the gullibility of human beings, our acceptance of the lie that our dispossession “enriches” us, even as the waves of people displacing us reach deeper and deeper into our public coffers and polling booths.  It is a tribute to our ignorance, that we sit unblinking when our leaders tell us America has always been an experiment in multiculturalism, and the evolving New Babylon is rooted in our historical experience.

At its founding, America was 80 percent European, and undeniably Christian, Western, and European in its character.  For 200 years that identity was promoted by our immigration laws, and those laws in time fostered a nation 90 percent European.  It was indeed no perfect experiment, and there were definite fault lines involving race or ethnicity, but we knew who we were and with God’s help and great sacrifice we created the most magnificent civilization in human history.

Now, in the course of a single lifetime, our identity will be extinguished.  With the gutting of our immigration laws in 1965, in the course of a single 70-year average life span, by the year 2035 or thereabouts we will have gone from a nation ninety percent white to one in which Europeans are but one of many minorities, floating in a polyglot sea of people drawn from every corner of the globe.

In the fevered minds of the Cultural Marxists and the stupid, we will be a happy picture of coexistence and cooperation to which the rest of the world can aspire.  Such folks currently argue that the rights of the individual will still take precedence over group rights.  They insist our standard of living will remain intact or actually improve, as the numbers of consumers and producers expand.  They reassure us our principles of government will protect everyone, and those, along with the English language, will be the glue that will bind our society together.  This future, they would have us believe, is our natural and inevitable destiny as a nation, a destiny we can embrace without further examination or fear.

Those are the biggest lies of all.

The entire world operates on the premise of group identity politics, in which members of racial or ethnic groups vote or act in unison on the basis of what they perceive to be in the best interests of their group.  It is entirely natural for groups to engage in this behavior.  What’s more important, every group in America also operates on the premise of group identity politics, except for Europeans, for whom it is considered taboo.  We can extrapolate from this reality to conclude that in the America of tomorrow, group identity politics will continue to hold sway, and members of various ethnic electorates will continue to vote for whatever is in their best interests, including things like more immigration and more racial preferences in job hiring and college placements.  The only group that will be regarded with horror if it does likewise will be Americans who are pigmentationally impaired.  The latter group, of course, will in time no longer be in control of its own political destiny.  Its wealth will be taxed away from it to support hundreds of millions of imported poor, and racial preferences and quotas will be expanded to create places at the American table for unending onslaughts of new arrivals.

We will have facilitated our own political and cultural dispossession, foolishly, myopically, in defiance of the way every other group functions on the globe.  Ominously, we will have rendered ourselves powerless and irrelevant in a world growing ever more crowded and violent.

The traditional American nation, the one with roots expanding back four centuries, will have committed suicide — with a major push from our new elite which does not identify with the traditional White majority.  In the course of a single lifetime, an eye blink in history, we will have erased ourselves.  In the final analysis, we will have done this for no rationale that is genuinely pressing, unless it is desirable to give one’s children’s birthright to strangers.  And if we had limited all immigration to Swedes, it would have been our right to have done so.  Instead, we will have squandered the inheritance left to us by the unimaginable suffering and labor of our ancestors, effectively disinheriting our progeny.  Instead, we will have banished ourselves into the abyss for no morally compelling reason at all.

As all of this transpires, the proponents of mass immigration will decry any and all negative responses as being reactionary, racist, and sinister.  We face these accusations already, and they will continue to be powerful deterrents to galvanizing public resistance.  They will probably remain deterrents until Americans of color, and even immigrants themselves, can be persuaded that the magnitude of today’s mass immigration is replicating in America the same environmental, economic, and social problems that the immigrants fled from in their home countries.

Whether Americans of color respond to this reality or not, the descendants of America’s founders have every right to reject their current beguilement and to act in their own best interests.  They should in fact do so because a sane man does not give his house away and pretend he has honored the ancestors who built it for him.  They should do so because an intelligent man does not give his house away and pretend he has created a blessing for his children.  They should do so because a wise man does not give his house away and pretend, as he crouches in its cellar, that the new residents are bound by the house rules he posted in the foyer.

A wise man knows extinction does not confer any form of morality.

It is oblivion.

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