By Tobias Langdon for the Occidental Observer

Giftzwerg is a wonderful little German word. It’s pronounced “gift-tsvairk” and it literally means “poison-dwarf.” German-speakers use it of someone who is small but spiteful, especially when that person is spiteful because they’re small. But it was the Anglophone Charles Dickens who created perhaps the greatest Giftzwerg of all time in Daniel Quilp, the evil and cunning dwarf who spies, plots, and ruins lives in The Old Curiosity Shop (1841).

Small in size, big in evil

I argued in my article “Minority Malice” that Dickens intended Quilp to be a Jewish villain, symbolizing the malice and cunning of Jews as a minority among gentiles. Despite being a dwarf, Quilp has an outsized influence for ill on everyone around him, just as Jews, despite being a small minority, have had an outsized influence for ill on the world. For example, Jews were central to the conversion of the imperfect but reforming Tsarist empire into the mass-murdering tyranny of the Soviet Union, just as Jews have been central to the flooding of Western nations with tax-eating and criminally inclined non-Whites from the corrupt, violent and diseased Third World. Jews have also been central to the lunacies and lies of the transgender cult, which demands that mentally ill or sexually perverted men be accepted as full and authentic women simply because they claim to be women.

Fake woman and fake American: the Jewish transwoman and trans-American Richard Levine (aka Rachel Levine)

But the Jewish Giftzwergvolk — Poison-Dwarf-Tribe — has always needed gentile accomplices in its war on the greatness and the gigantic achievements of the White West. And it’s always been able to find them. In the great White nation of Scotland, the Giftzwergvolk found a literal Giftzwerg to do its dirty work. Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), is small in size but has been big in evil during her time as First Minister of Scotland. Like the so-called nationalists of Plaid Cymru in Wales, the SNP want independence for their nation not because they want to benefit its true White citizens, but because they think it isn’t being destroyed fast enough as part of the United Kingdom. Both the SNP and Plaid Cymru want to flood their proud and ancient White nations with non-Whites from the Third World, then grant those non-Whites power and privilege over ordinary Whites. In the process, they would weaken and ultimately destroy all that is unique and precious about Scotland and Wales, especially those jewels in the crown of nationhood, the languages of Scots Gaelic and Welsh.

Wedge of Darkness

Like leftists throughout the White West, these parties want to use non-Whites as a kind of wedge of darkness hammered into the foundations of national identity. As the wedge gets deeper, the splits get wider and final destruction gets nearer. When a White Christian nation begins to accept non-Whites and non-Christians as full and authentic citizens, it has begun to abolish itself. And the abolition of Scotland and Wales is what the SNP and Plaid Cymru are working tirelessly to achieve. They’re typically leftist in seeking to destroy what they claim to most care about. For example, they also claim to care about women’s rights and women’s safety, but Nicola Sturgeon headed a campaign to undermine both by allowing male prisoners in Scotland to self-identify as women and then be transferred to female prisons. She dismissed the concerns of trans-skeptics like J.K. Rowling as “not valid.”

Glowering Giftzwerg: the troubled transphile Nicola Sturgeon

Alas for Sturgeon, those concerns proved to be very valid, because even as Sturgeon was taking her beloved Gender Recognition Bill through the Scottish parliament at Holyrood, a male rapist called Adam Graham was driving a wedge into the bill’s foundations. Graham announced during his trial that he was in fact a woman called Isla Bryson and ended up in a female prison. When the news came out, accompanied by photographs of Graham in a badly fitting blonde wig, there was a popular outcry and the SNP had to reverse its policy of allowing all transwomen to serve their sentences in female prisons. But it wasn’t only the SNP’s legislation that was split asunder by the scandal: it was also the lunacies and lies of transgenderism. This is a transcript of Nicola Sturgeon trying to defend her policies to a quick-witted male reporter:

Reporter: My question is: are all transgender women [in fact] women? You haven’t answered that question.

Sturgeon: Well, that’s not the point that we’re dealing with here.

Reporter: That’s the question I’m asking.

Sturgeon: Look, transwomen are women but in the prison context there is no automatic right for a transwoman–

Reporter: So there are contexts where a transwoman is not a woman?

Sturgeon: No, there is [laughs uncomfortably], there is circumstances in which a transwoman will be housed in the male prison estate.

Reporter: Is there any context in which a woman born as a woman will be housed in the male [prison] estate?

Sturgeon: Look, we’re talking here about transwomen.

Reporter: And I’m now asking about women born as women.

Sturgeon: Er, I don’t think there are circumstances there, but–

Reporter: So it’s different for transwomen?

Sturgeon: Well, yes, and I’m not–

Reporter: So they’re not equal?

Sturgeon: That is not — there is a risk-assessment process done for transwomen that takes account of the nature of the crime. Clearly, significant concern arises out of sexual crime and whether it’s appropriate for them to be in a female prison or a male prison. (Interview with Nicola Sturgeon about transgenderism)

Sturgeon could not give a coherent defence of her pro-tranny campaign because transgenderism is not a coherent cult. From the black looks she flashed at the reporter as he asked his impertinent questions, it was once again clear that she is an intolerant ideologue who hates being challenged. She has invested enormous prestige and will-to-power in her pro-tranny campaign and its derailment proved too much for her to bear. After the scandal, she announced her resignation from the posts of First Minister and leader of the SNP. The Giftzwerg will soon be gone from Scottish politics. That’s good in itself and also good as a possible portent for leftism as a whole. It isn’t only Nicola Sturgeon who has invested enormous prestige and will-to-power in the transgender cult. It’s mainstream leftists right across the West. If transgenderism is exposed and overturned for its lunacies and lies, this will be a huge defeat for leftism and may prove, ironically enough, the thin end of the wedge that destroys leftist domination of Western politics and culture.

Trans-Westernism dwarfs transgenderism

That’s because the lies and lunacies of transgenderism are also the lies and lunacies of what you might call trans-Westernism. Transgenderism is based on the lie that men can become full and authentic women; trans-Westernism is based on the lie that non-Whites can become full and authentic citizens of Western nations. As I pointed out in a previous article, racial differences aren’t as absolute and easily defined as the anatomical differences between men and women, but there are strong parallels between transgenderism and trans-Westernism. In a literal sense, men can’t give birth to children; in a metaphorical sense, non-Whites can’t give birth to Western civilization. On the contrary, they are capable only of aborting Western civilization.

And trans-Westernism is a much greater threat to women’s safety and female rights than transgenderism. I vehemently oppose transgenderism, but how many transgender “women” — that is, deluded or perverted men — have actually raped or otherwise harmed real women after being granted access to supposedly female-only spaces? Rapes and assaults by trannies have happened (see here, for example), but they’re rare. Now ask this: How many trans-Western men — that is, non-White men with Western citizenship or residence — have raped or otherwise harmed White women? Huge numbers. Rapes of White women by trans-Westerners must now be in the millions. In other words, trans-Western non-White men pose a far greater risk to women than men who claim to be women do. But trans-skeptics like J.K. Rowling never point this out, because Rowling and her allies are still leftist. In other words, they’re not standing up for Truth, Beauty and Goodness: they’re arguing only about status in the leftist war on the West. TERFs, or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, think that transwomen are still men and are therefore lower than real women in the great leftist hierarchy of virtue and villainy. Yes, I admire J.K. Rowling for speaking out because the SNP approves of unlimited male migration into female-only spaces. That takes moral courage and has exposed her to countless threats of rape and violence from transgender cultists.

Pakistanis can never be Scottish

But I would admire Rowling far more if she spoke out because the SNP approves of unlimited non-White migration into Scotland as a whole. The SNP are causing huge harm to Scottish women by importing and privileging male-supremacist rapists and misogynists from the Third World. However, because non-White men are higher in the leftist hierarchy than White women, leftist feminists like Rowling don’t protest against non-White immigration. Indeed, Rowling and her leftist allies will undoubtedly celebrate if Scotland acquires a trans-Western leader in the form of Hamza Yousuf, the authoritarian and anti-White Pakistani who wants to succeed Sturgeon as the leader of the SNP. If Yousuf wins the leadership contest, Rowling will say something like: “I disagree with the SNP’s transgender policies, but isn’t it wonderful that the party is now led by the descendant of Pakistani migrants to Scotland?”

Fake Scot: the anti-White Pakistani Muslim Hamza Yousaf, the trans-Westerner who wants to be First Minister of Scotland

Fake Briton: the geeky Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak, trans-Western prime minister of Britain

In fact, no, it wouldn’t be wonderful: it would be a further sign of Scotland’s dissolution as a true nation. The wedge of darkness would have been hammered deeper into the still-living roots of Scottish identity. That’s what Rishi Sunak’s appointment as prime minister in 2022 did to the roots of British identity. The geeky Hindu Indian Sunak is trans-British, not genuinely British. He has no roots in Britain and, as the British prime minister, he has no loyalty to or concern for the true White nations of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Instead, his loyalty is to himself and to the rich and powerful Jews who control British politics.

Jews can never be American

Jews were in fact the first trans-Westerners. They acquired that fake identity when they began to be accepted as true citizens of Western nations in the nineteenth century. Those early trans-Western Jews were a wedge of darkness in another sense: a wedge of evil and malice, small in size but strong in cohesion and will-to-power. Jews began to split Western identity with anti-White and anti-Christian activism, then succeeded in overturning bans on non-White immigration throughout the West. After their success with that wedge hammered into Western identity, they created transgenderism, another wedge for hammering into sexual identity. That’s why the Jew Richard Levine, a minister for health in Joe Biden’s Jew-heavy administration, is such a perfect symbol of Western dissolution. Levine is both transgender and trans-American, claiming to be both female and American. In both cases, he’s lying. As a male, he can’t be female; as a Jew, he can’t be American. And just as transwomen harm the interests of real women, so trans-Americans like Levine harm the interests of real Americans. The sinister trans-American Jew Alejandro Mayorkas, so-called Secretary for Homeland Security, is hammering the wedge of darkness even harder into America’s White roots by massively increasing already disastrous levels of non-White immigration. The even more sinister trans-American Jew Merrick Garland, US Attorney General, is waging war on “white supremacy,” which is the Judeo-leftist code for “white nationhood.”

Pernicious punims on implacable enemies of the White West: the Jewish trans-Americans Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas

More pernicious punims on more implacable enemies of White America: the Jewish trans-Americans Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler

These trans-American Jews are proof that the harm done by transgenderism is dwarfed by the harm done by trans-Westernism. Indeed, while Nicola Sturgeon can be called a Giftzwerg, a “poison-dwarf,” trans-Western Jews like Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Franz Boas can be called Giftriesen, or “poison-giants.” The lunacies and lies of these long-dead Jewish ideologues still power the war on the West. But my hope is that leftist defeat over transgenderism will forerun leftist defeat over trans-Westernism. Leftists are lying when they say that men can become women. They’re also lying when they say that non-Whites can become Westerners. Female identity belongs only to women and Western identity belongs only to Whites. Not to Pakistanis or Somalis. And certainly not to Jews.

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