You Are Not Alone

By Ethan for Identity Dixie

We are pushing one year of problems and lockdowns for COVID-19 here in the Empire, with no indication of things lightening up in the near future.  Even with a “safe” vaccine, mask mandates will remain a reality.  The medical Messiah, Dr. Fauci, said you should wear two face masks, not just one. When you couple that with the fact that new more effective anal testing is being implemented over the nasal swab in China, we’ll be looking on our 2020 memories with rose-colored glasses (particularly for those of you who thought the nasal swab was invasive).  Additionally, the impact to small and medium businesses, as big businesses continue to grow, makes it easy to take a myopic, or purely American-focused, view of the crisis.

Of course, we are not alone.  Ours is not the only government which is hostile to the interests of the people it claims to protect or represent.  We can see various hardships faced in other countries.  In England, police broke up a baby shower, because too many people showed up.  Yes, nothing says “protect and serve” like preventing people celebrating an upcoming birth.  Additionally, the long-established Lamb and Flag in Oxford closed down.  This is by no means the only business that has shut down, but it’s notable for its longevity.  When you consider that the pub opened originally in 1566, but in this specific location since 1613, it becomes a bigger deal.  To put that in perspective: that is 210 or 163 years before America declared independence.

However, this article is not focused primarily on the plight of the Anglos, as dreadful as it is to be an Englishman in the Current Year.  No, I want to talk about the Germanic continentals, primarily the Dutch, and their resistance to these woes.  I’m reminded of an experience I had a few years ago.  I was meeting the family of an old flame in the Netherlands.  Her cousin and I spoke a great while, primarily about guns, and I felt a great sense of ease with him.  It became apparent I had far more in common, and could speak with more mutual understanding, with this person as a foreigner than with most Yankees I have met.  It was a strange realization, both to this Dutchman and to myself, how little comparatively I shared with fellow citizens of my “nation.”  This feeling of camaraderie and ease with rural Dutch people was further felt when we went to a pub and talked with some other locals.

It seems there is indeed a bit of a Good Old Rebel spirit coming from the Old Continent and specifically from the Dutch.  Many of them have had enough of these lockdowns and are letting people know.  They’ve reacted by resisting curfews, destroying a COVID testing center, and blowing up a bridge.  This response isn’t surprising.  European governments have reacted with some of the most extreme lockdowns, so there would logically be resistance to it.  It’s a shame resistance couldn’t have come in the limited government reaction to the grooming scandals or terror attacks of recent years, but better late than never.

The Dutch aren’t the only ones throwing a fit.  The Danes have also gotten in on the resistance, by burning an effigy of their PM and marching en masse.  Italians have also had various clashes over COVID restrictions. Likewise, people in Czech Republic, London, Madrid, and even Germany are protesting.

There have been some negative stories about assaults and destruction of businesses during these protests that could be cause for alarm. Due to what must be an editor error on an article discussing the Dutch looting stores, there is an embedded video of an assault caught on camera, but in Canada (and by a “new Canadian”).  That, coupled with what we know about Europeans, makes me assume that the truly antisocial behavior is coming from the “new Europeans.” However, I will admit it is possible that Europeans are emulating their melanin enriched co-citizens, much like the old study where a child raised alongside a chimp “was becoming more chimp than [the chimp] was becoming human.“

Overall, I have hope for our cousins across the sea.  I hope the Dutch, Danes, and other peoples of the continent succeed in resistance to tyranny and reclaim their autonomy from the wicked ruling class.  Also, in case any people from the Netherlands are reading this, I want to end with this short passage from Numbers. De HEERE zegene u, en behoede u! De HEERE doe Zijn aangezicht over u lichten, en zij u genadig! De HEERE verheffe Zijn aangezicht over u, en geve u vrede!

Deo vindice

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