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We at Read-Right are opposed to violence. We seek cultural revolution through the education of the masses. Once the people have been exposed to reality systemic change will become inevitable and unavoidable.

Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently.


Read-Right notes the principles expounded in the Charlottesville Statement:

The Charlottesville Statement

August 11, 2017

  1. Race

Race is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity.

“White” is shorthand for a worldwide constellation of peoples, each of which is derived from the Indo-European race, often called Aryan. “European” refers to a core stock—Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic, Latin, Nordic, and Slavic—from which related cultures and a shared civilization sprang.

  1. Jews

Jews are an ethno-religious people distinct from Europeans. At various times, they have existed within European societies, without being of them. The preservation of their identity as Jews was and is contingent on resistance to assimilation, sometimes expressed as hostility towards their hosts. “Judeo-Christian values” might be a quaint political slogan, but it is a distortion of the historical and metaphysical reality of both Jews and Europeans.

  1. The Ethno-State

Nations must secure their existence and uniqueness and promote their own development and flourishing. The state is an existential entity, and, at its best, a physical manifestation of a people’s being, order, and will to survive. Racially or ethnically defined states are legitimate and necessary.

  1. Metapolitics

Spirit is the wellspring of culture, and politics is downstream of that. The Alt-Right wages a situational and ideological war on those deconstructing European history and identity. The decrepit values of Woodstock and Wall Street mean nothing to us.

  1. White America

The founding population of the United States was primarily Anglo-Saxon and Protestant. By the Great War, a coherent American nation emerged that was European and Christian. Other races inhabited the continent and were often set in conflict or subservience to Whites. Whites alone defined America as a European society and political order.

  1. Europe

Europe is our common home, and our ancestors’ bone and blood lie in its soil.

European unity emerged at critical points in history, but so did fragmentation, rivalry, and betrayal. As brother nations, Europeans have competed with one another, and even hated and killed one another. We can no longer afford the luxury of intra-racial squabbling. “Brothers wars” gain us nothing, and directly lead to our collective downfall. Europeans must come together as a family.

The so-called “refugee crisis” is an invasion, a war without bullets, taking place on the fields of race, religion, sex, and morality. At stake is Europe’s very identity—whether the continent will be the locus of our people’s shared story, or become just another Islamic outpost.

  1. Family

The family—a man and woman in a loving relationship that produces offspring—is an essential, indispensable foundation for a healthy and functioning society.

  1. Human Nature

Man is not a blank slate on which to be written, nor was he born a guileless, noble savage. Human nature—the reality of race, sex, heritability, and innate endowments—is the most powerful force shaping individuals, families, societies, and nations.

  1. Women and Sex

Women, as mothers and caregivers, are key to the future of our race and civilization. We oppose feminism, deviancy, the futile denial of biological reality, and everything destructive to healthy relations between men and women. We must overcome today’s debased and lonely “porn culture” and return to a sexuality that is fruitful and erotic in the truest sense of the word.

  1. Foreign Affairs

The foreign policies of European states (including immigration, diplomacy, and war) should be based on the safeguarding of its peoples—and not be beholden to special or foreign interests, nor to corporate profit motives, nor to the chimeras of globalism, humanitarianism, or the End of History. Insofar as “chauvinism” means attempting to transform non-Europeans into Europeans, we are not “Western chauvinists.”

  1. Speech

American citizens should enjoy freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Constitution; we endorse this value for all European peoples. We oppose those who seek to suppress the speech of people with whom they disagree, whether through government censorship, corporate policy, digital platform denial, or intimidation.

  1. Firearms

All U.S. citizens, and all Europeans, should have the right to bear arms, as a means of protecting themselves and their families and enjoying the manly sport of hunting.

  1. Globalization

International trade and the good-faith exchange of ideas can be beneficial to all. Economic and political globalization, however, has been destructive to authentic cultures. Industrialized countries are being transformed into great “nothings” and “nowheres”: indistinguishable, concrete dumping grounds and shopping centers, divorced from culture, people, and history. Globalization threatens not just Europeans but every unique identity on Earth.

  1. The Left

Leftism is an ideology of death and must be confronted and defeated. “Losing gracefully” will eventuate in the destruction of our people and civilization.

  1. Economics

Economic freedom is not an end in itself. All economic policies should serve the people of the nation; the interests of businessmen and global merchants should never take precedence over the well-being of workers, families, and the natural world.

  1. Urban Life

The automobile, the highway system, and resultant “car culture” have contributed to the death of cities and towns. While not everyone will live in urban environments, cities are vital institutions of culture, community, learning, and the arts. They should never have been abandoned by American Whites of older generations and should be reestablished as jewels of our civilization.

  1. The Natural World

We are a special part of the natural order, being in it and above it. We have the potential to become nature’s steward or its destroyer. Putting aside contentious matters like global warming and resource depletion, European countries should invest in national parks, wilderness preserves, and wildlife refuges, as well as productive and sustainable farms and ranches. The natural world—and our experience of it—is an end in itself.

  1. The ‘68ers

The generation born between the years 1945 and 1964 abrogated its duty to safeguard and pass down a civilization to its children. The so-called “‘68ers” engage in childish narcissism of the most extreme kind; they bear responsibility for today’s lamentable state of affairs; and they are seemingly unable even to recognize their culpability.

A new generation of leadership is desperately needed.

  1. Education

Modern education—from preschool to the doctoral level—has become corrupted past the point of recognition. This industry (both public and private) serves leftist ideologues, loan financiers, and a new class of administrators far more than it serves students and parents.

Children should not be indoctrinated in liberal dogma but given a foundation in language, mathematics, the arts, history, and science. Higher education—far from being a “right” or a “pathway to the middle class”—is only appropriate for a cognitive elite dedicated to truth; it is improper, even detrimental, for most. Practical education—trade schools and apprenticeships—should be revived as the norm for most citizens.

  1. Personal Duties

A man distinguishes himself by his deeds. And every man, in his own way, must strive to be something more than a man: to be honored by his heirs; to be part of something greater than his self.