A Race for the North


By Ash Donaldson, Published in 2019



The long-awaited sequel to Blut and Boden: A Fairy Tale for Children of European Descent!

Return to the world of Elves, Dwarves, and Giants, which turns out to be our very own, in a seamless blend of history and myth.

The story begins with the expedition of Sir John Franklin to discover the Northwest Passage, in the last frontier on earth – the frozen Arctic. There he discovers someone in dire need of his help – and an ancient force determined to stop him. Thousands of miles away, young Karl Marx has an otherworldly encounter in a library, with dire consequences for mankind. And a young boy named Arthur leaves the hellish conditions of an English factory to undertake a quest for a sword….

Witness the dawning of the modern world, and the frantic efforts to awaken the spirit of our Folk to face its challenges. Children will delight in the quest to find what is heroic within themselves, and adults will never look at history the same way again.

Suitable for readers 12 and up, and a treasure for older readers as well.

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