An Un-Kosher Alliance

By Gunnar Latham for Dissident Mag

“Malcom X must fall.” This is a recent headline in The article advocates ridding a black civil rights leader who spoke out against “white supremacy” of his posthumous privilege of having boulevards named after him in Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. Looks like Daniel Greenfield and the Jewish Press are going full Wignat…Ironic that in a frenzy of Jewish backed BLM revisionism against whites, the Jewish press is pleading for the ‘de-statueing’ of a black civil rights leader. Of course, this is not because Malcolm X was a crypto KKK sympathizer as the article posits, but because Malcolm X, in Nick Cannonesque fashion, found out that the true oppressors had white skin, but Jewish ethnicity. The articles’ photo is a picture of a Malcolm X statue toppled with the caption: “Malcolm in the muddle.” How’s that for BLM?

What if a White journalist wrote the same article but for Martin Luther King? After all he was a known communist who colluded nefariously with his closest adviser, Stanley Levison, who was a financial coordinator for the Communist Party of the USA and The American Jewish Congress. The same guy who defended Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted Soviet spies who were executed for treason. Now that’s a reason for some righteous indignation, but of course, such an article would be slapped with the non-kosher label by the ADL, and the writer would be blacklisted, doxed and labeled anti-Semitic and racist. But Jews chomping at the bit to topple a black civil rights leader because uh, George Floyd? Based. It’s a case all too prevalent with the Jewish Press as of late— “oppression!” pills shoveled down the throats of blacks has naturally metabolized a chemical revelation of sorts in black people; somehow causing House of Rothschild to appear in their search histories.

Malcolm X “has to fall” because he sympathized with George Lincoln Rockwell, a WW2 Navy veteran who formed a fledging Nazi Party in the early 60’s. Most people would never believe that such an alliance was possible; Malcolm hated whites and Rockwell hated blacks, right? What manifested was an implosion of opposites in the kosher sandwich—an unprecedented unity that was rightly forged under the banner of unabashedly expounding on the JQ. George Lincoln Rockwell famously said of Malcolm X, as they spoke together at an event: “I wish to God we had one leader with the stature of Malcolm X! Just one; in our government. If you don’t believe me wait until he gets up here to talk—that’s a man! Those are the kind of leaders that the negro people need, not Arthur Spingarn of the NAACP.” Yeah… that’s what an overt white nationalist said of an overt black nationalist in the 1960’s. Both wanted the same thing: to have sovereignty over their economic and cultural institutions, which meant segregating their respective populations.

Marcus Garvey, another civil rights icon for the black movement once said: “Between the Ku Klux Klan and the NAACP group, give me the Klan.” Why? Because Spingarn and the NAACP wanted blacks under the yolk of their cultural and institutional will; coddling the blacks, using them as cannon fodder to destroy the WASP’s. The Klan just wanted black people to live in their own territory, however incendiary they might’ve been about it, it was not a secret. In fact, according to Malcolm X, the KKK apparently offered land to Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam in Georgia to begin a settlement for black people. Malcolm X and the Klan had a very civil meeting about it, though it never materialized.

This is exactly what Malcolm X wanted, too, stating: “The Jew is always anxious to advise the black man, but they never advise him how to solve his problem the way the Jews solved their problem. The Jew never went sitting-in and crawling-in and sliding-in and freedom-riding, like he teaches and helps Negroes to do. The Jews stood up, and stood together, and they used their ultimate power, the economic weapon. With money donations, the Jew gains control, then he sends the black man doing all this wading-in, boring-in, even burying-in — everything but buying-in. Never shows him how to set up factories and hotels. Never advises him how to own what he wants. No, when there’s something worth owning, the Jew’s got it. “The Jew is behind the integration movement, using Negros as a tool.”

Rockwell and Malcolm X understood that fighting each other exclusively is to be fighting within the kosher sandwich. Malcolm X obviously spewed vicious anti-white nonsense early on; but as time wore on, he got to the root of the problem, and realized that ethnicity, not skin color, was the real determinant; and that Jewish economic dominance in black neighborhoods was far more an insidious poison than the likes of George Lincoln Rockwell and his Nazi party. It’s the Jews, right here in Harlem that run these whiskey stores that get you drunk! It is Jews that run these run-down stores that sell you bad food! It is Jews who control the economy of Harlem!” He spoke on how, in the early 60’s, Jews controlled at least 80% of the economy in black neighborhoods. When he went on a television program and expounded on this, they refused to air the program. He spoke of this angrily in a speech, growling out:

 “Jews believe in censorship more than anybody else!”

People like Daniel Greenfield of the Jewish Press have proved Malcolm X exactly right; as they attempt to do to the black what they are doing to whitey. I guess they really are at the forefront of equality. Liberating black voices requires kosher certification—back on the plantation, Malcolm. Malcolm X wanted the same liberation for his people Rockwell wanted for his; economic liberation. Economic liberation would indicate separation, and thus indicates sovereignty, which allows for the values and ideals of one’s people to be sovereignly adjudicated and the resources to be owned and distributed sovereignly. Malcolm X and Rockwell’s bond didn’t end well as both were assassinated before 1970 – a sobering reminder of:

Liberation for the Jew, but not for you.

Originally appeared at: Dissident Mag

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