Community of the Blood

By Cambria Will Not Yield (July 24 2021)

O momentary grace of mortal men,
Which we more hunt for than the grace of God!
Who builds his hope in air of your good looks
Lives like a drunken sailor on a mast,
Ready, with every nod, to tumble down
Into the fatal bowels of the deep.

Richard the Third


Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. – John 8: 43-45


The moderate-liberal Ann Coulter, with the emphasis on liberal, recently included in her criticism of Black Lives Matter a condemnation of the ‘racists’ of the Old South. Coulter’s attempt to maneuver away from the extreme left while pandering to a non-existent moderate left by condemning the ‘racist’ Europeans of Christian Europe is all too typical of the moderate-liberals who pollute the print and internet mediums with their liberal conservatism. What are the moderate liberals trying to conserve? They want to conserve a liberalism that is three-quarters of the way to hell. But at the vital center of liberalism is Satan. He doesn’t want three-quarters of what was once Christian Europe, he wants it all. And he shall get it all if the only resistance to his reign is conservatives who want to stay slightly to the right of the mad-dog liberals as they progress to that final leap off the cliff with the swine. The first wave of swine plunging off the cliff will be the mad-dog liberals, and the second contingent will be the conservatives who will squeal out, “We are not racist,” as they plunge into oblivion right behind their swinish brethren, the mad-dog liberals.

The moderate-liberals are continually appealing to some unknown God that is rational, democratic, and a civil rights advocate. They want that God to intervene in human affairs and explain to the mad-dog liberals that their moderate brethren are not racist, they are not irrational, and they are not against science. Then, the unknown God will place the mad-dog liberals in subordinate positions to the oh-so-smart and oh-so-non-racist moderate liberals, and all will be well. Why don’t the moderate liberals, many of whom profess to be Christian, try to please a God who made Himself known to us, who took flesh and dwelt among us, rather than an unknown God who supports liberalism? The answer to that question can be found in an article by Allen Tate in which Tate made an analysis of the sickness of the West and decided, quite correctly, that rationalism was the root cause of the decline of Western civilization. But then Tate went on to conclude that what rationalism had caused, the demise of Western civilization, rationalism could cure. That is a conclusion that was penned in hell. Rationalism is a spiritual sickness, it cannot be cured by another, stronger dose of rationalism any more than cancer can be cured by injecting more cancer cells into the infected, diseased area of the body.

The moderate liberals refuse to accept what Burke said about liberalism –“The first liberal was the devil.” They, like Adam and Eve, like the mad-dog liberals, have succumbed to, “Ye shall be as gods.” If the moderate-liberals accepted Burke’s assessment of liberalism, that it is from the devil, they would have to forsake their rationalism, they would have to rely on a heart connected to His heart in order to overcome the wickedness and snares of the devil. “No,” the moderate liberals proclaim: “We propose and we dispose, let God stay away from the affairs of men.” But St. Paul tells us that, “Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.” If we do not abhor liberalism because within Liberaldom are the political talk shows in which we can dazzle the world with our good, rational solutions to the problems caused by bad rationalism, and such punditry is worth the world to our egos, then we will not serve the good, we will serve Satan.

I am struck, whenever I read St. Paul, how deeply St. Paul’s Christ-imbued vision of existence penetrated the heart and mind of Edmund Burke. St. Paul’s injunction that we should, “Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good,” was echoed many years later by Edmund Burke when he enjoins his countrymen to oppose the Jacobins: “They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.” The moderate liberals do not hate liberalism, they do not abhor evil, but they do hate the antique Europeans and their Christ-centered civilization — they hate “that which is good.” Coulter’s hatred of the Christian South lays bare the rotten core of what passes for conservatism. So, I ask again, if you are not striving to conserve that which is good, because that which is good is deemed ‘racist,’ then what are you striving to conserve? The ‘conservatives’ are striving to conserve a liberalism that stops just short of going off the cliff with the swine. But that is not possible, because the swine are possessed by the devil. Only the Christ of old Europe, who was the Christ of the Southern people who took European civilization to these shores, can stop the European people’s plunge off the cliff of liberalism. But we must believe that liberalism is of the devil. If we don’t, we shall not call on Him who saves, and we will be damned.

Once everything Satanic has been institutionalized in a nation, a European Christian cannot be conservative, he must be a counter-revolutionary. Need I go through the list of institutionalized perversions? Legalized abortion, sodomy, feminism, transgenderism have all been institutionalized under the mantle of the liberals’ one true God, the sacred negro. You can’t plead for a milder, gentler form of negro-worship than the type of worship advocated by Black Lives Matter. Once you have accepted the premise that liberalism is good, you must accept whatever the liberals’ savior commands. The black gods have no mercy, not a dram; if Coulter and her ilk want liberalism, then they must accept Black Lives Matter.

If we turn from the vomit of liberalism, be it moderate or mad-dog, we can see another way to face existence. Before his son Edward went off to war to face off against the Jacobins of the North, Hugh McGee gave his son the essence of his faith:

“The way I’ve been obliged to see it is this: our ideas and instincts work upon our memory of these people who have lived before us, and so they take on some clarity of outline. It’s not to our credit to think we began today, and it’s not to our glory to think we end today. All through time we keep coming in to the shore like waves—like waves. You stick to your blood, son; there’s a certain fierceness in blood that can bind you up with a long community of life.”

“I never forget you, Father,” Edward said.

“Your father wouldn’t know what the world was without that. And think with passion, it’s the only kind of thought that’s worth anything.”

So Red the Rose

The South had its American Exceptionalists — Thomas Jefferson was the worst — but the South that had to be destroyed was the South that was rooted in European civilization, a civilization that had a blood tie with the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. A propositional faith and a propositional nation can be discarded quite easily for a new propositional faith and a new propositional nation, but a blood tie is forever. The willingness with which ‘conservatives’ denounce their blood ties to old Europe, of which the Old South was an exemplar, shows their willingness to make peace with the devil. Which brings us back to Origen and his belief in the conversion of the devil. Can such things be? Is it only necessary that we affirm God, even if that God is the devil?

I agree with Walter Scott who said that the true historians are the bards. Homer was the great historian of the ancient Greeks just as the anonymous bard who wrote the Dream of the Rood, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Walter Scott himself were and are the historians of old Europe. And in our history as a people there is a recurring theme: The European people are constantly reenacting the Christ story. The villains imitate the Jews who crucified our Lord; the cowardly individuals who ultimately side with the Christ-haters, the Pontius Pilates of the world, are present as well – they are called ‘conservatives.’ And then there are the Christian heroes who follow in His train. There is an incredible scene in Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby in which the sublime beauty of a Christ-imbued hero comes to the forefront and gives us a glimpse of “that charity of honor.” Unable to watch the continual torture and degradation of a helpless, wretched man-child at the hands of the sadistic schoolmaster, Wackford Squeers, against his worldly, material interests, Nicholas steps forward and stops the torture by beating the schoolmaster. Later, when Nicholas is alone with the wretched Smike as his companion on a road bound to nowhere, the wretched outcast says to Nicholas Nickleby, “You are my home.” Yes, “In my house are many mansions.” The European, the Dream of the Rood European, the pre-Civil War Southern European, and every European who has not bent his knee to the liberals and the liberals’ gods, has only one home. Wherever His mercy and His charity dwells is “home” for the European. We are part of a community that goes all the way back to the stable in Bethlehem. If we sever our connection to that community, we are worse than nothing, we are the people who have chosen to follow Satan. And that terrible betrayal cannot be glossed over by a pathetic, blasphemous attempt to blend Satan and Christ in one universalist, Babylon state consecrated to the sacred negro.

In Shakespeare’s Richard III, Buckingham has lied, cheated, and murdered to help Richard obtain the crown. But when he balks at killing the two young princes, the true heirs to the throne, Richard turns on his hitherto loyal lieutenant:

I will converse with iron-witted fools
And unrespective boys; none are for me
That look into me with considerate eyes.
High-reaching Buckingham grows circumspect.

The moderate-liberals must not waver, they must not stop at civil rights, they must go on to the worship of the sacred negro; they must not stop at first trimester abortions and no federal funding for abortions, there must be abortion-on-demand and federal funding; they must not stop at the condemnation of the racist Europeans of the past, they must consent to the extermination of all whites as a reparation for the past. And on it goes. Will the moderate liberals suffer the fate of Buckingham? I don’t think the pundits such as Coulter and the News Maxers will; they will shift ground and join the mad-dog liberals. It is the unwashed whites in the rank and file, like the individuals who charged the Capitol on January 6th, who will be exterminated. Those people still, and that is truly remarkable in this day and age, retain some heartfelt beliefs that run counter to liberalism. And unlike the conservative pundits, they are not about to abandon their beliefs because the principalities and powers of this world are against them. So they did what the conservative pundits were too ‘wise’ to do, they attacked the liberal leviathan armed only with a fierce hatred of liberal tyranny and a love for the last remnants of grace in a country committed to Satan. (1)

The COVID-19 vaccine is now killing more people than COVID-19, and there are more and more reports that the vaccine itself does not prevent COVID-19. Yet we are inundated with threats from the vaccine police: “You must be vaccinated.” Isn’t it obvious that the COVID-19 crisis is just the start of an escalating series of liberal-manufactured crises that will be used to ensure that Satan shall rule in perpetuity over the European people? I do not deny that COVID-19 exists. Like most viruses it hits some people harder than others. I have known people who threw it off quite easily and others who had to be hospitalized because of the illness. But the liberals are not interested in ending COVID-19, they are only interested in using the virus to further terrorize the European people. To what end? To consolidate their power, which is the power of Satan, over the European people.

The most damning indictment that can be made against the moderate liberals is that they do not hate the mad-dog liberals. They do not look at what the mad-dog liberals have wrought and “cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.” Eventually they will be completely absorbed by the mad-dog liberals, and they will, “having entered hell, feel no flame,” because they will have become unmen without any soul to call their own. The ‘progress’ of liberalism is about desoulment. If a man has achieved desoulment, if he has severed his blood ties to that community of souls connected to the Suffering Servant, he can rest content with all things satanic, and he will seek to conserve Satandom so long as Satan agrees to couch his evil in high-sounding phrases such as ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity,’ which are all covered under the sacred canopy of “Black Lives Matter.” What good does it do a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul? “What soul?” the modern European responds. “Show me the soul.” I can’t put the soul in a computer printout, but I can point you to that long blood line of Europeans who believed in the Word Made Flesh. Let us cleave unto them and kneel before Him who is our home. +


(1) When Satan rules a nation, through the sacred negro, it is not possible to remain Christian and still stay connected to modern Europe. But the great unwashed whites are not going to seek out that which has been lost, in dusty, discredited tomes of ancient lore. Modernity is their world, and they must make the best of it, so when a Trump comes along, a man who doesn’t want them, the despised white under-class, to be exterminated, they cling to him. I honor Trump for showing concern for the downtrodden whites and I honor them for at least showing some dissatisfaction with liberalism. My people are the antique Europeans, but I still have that in my heart which is sorry yet for the persecuted and condemned white grazers who are more sinned against than sinning. The great washed, the conservative pundits, will survive because they will keep shifting their ground, they will never take their stand. But the great unwashed, who are my people to the extent I have any people left, will not be able to shift their ground, because they will be unable to swallow liberalism whole. As a consequence, they will be exterminated. It is up to the antique European, the man connected to His Europe, to say, “Stop! This must not go on!”

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