Conservationism & Race

By Richard Houck for Counter Currents

Conserving the white race – more specifically, the people who hail from Europe – should be the highest goal of conservatism, for without a strong white race, nothing else so-called conservatives want to conserve is even remotely possible.

Western civilization is synonymous with white civilization. The two are inextricably linked and inseparable. Grecian thought, Roman statecraft, German Idealism, English law – these pillars of humanity rest squarely on the shoulders of the European peoples. Every meaningful aspect of civilization that was ever dreamed, designed, and built has been overwhelmingly and disproportionately accomplished solely on the backs of White people.

White culture has towered so greatly above all the others for centuries that to suggest otherwise is nothing short of parody. The Promethean fire that ignited nearly every worthy aspect of humanity was first lit in the Occident. Among our people is the same blood that gave civilization every meaningful thing that it enjoys today. For that, we should be both proud and humbled.

Thus, any meaningful concept, ideal, or heritage a “conservative” could want to save for future generations is predicated first upon ensuring that whites have strong communities and sovereign homelands. In the United States, for example, study after study shows that whites are the only racial group that supports less taxation, ending mass immigration, and upholding gun rights and free speech. Asians, Hispanics, blacks, Jews, Arabs: These peoples simply don’t have the same respect for these basic rights that were granted to this nation by its Founders. And why would they? None of them formulated or fought for those rights. They were ideas created by white men, died for by white men, codified by white men, and upheld by white men. In essence, these are white rights alone.

If you wish to prevent hate speech laws from being passed in the US, and if you wish to prevent further infringements upon the Second Amendment, due process, and “limited” taxation, you will never be able to accomplish any of it under a rainbow coalition of freaks and muddied hordes. The nation must first and foremost be majority white.

Looking at Europe, it would be absurd for me to suggest that if I were to replace all the citizens of France with Greeks or Danes that French culture would continue as it has. The French countryside might look the same, but the culture would change. So how can a person reasonably expect France to stay French with the demographics of Algeria and Morocco? Nothing can be conserved, be it culture or custom, without first conserving the founding stock of the people who created the very thing you wish to save, for they will always be its only proper curators.

Race matters to people in far greater ways than many imagine. I often hear sentiments about “color-blind” ideologies, mottos from gun rights groups that proclaim “patriots all bleed red,” and churches who assure us that God loves all His children equally and that a good Christian would never judge by “color.” The NRA loves it when they get a few non-whites to show up at their events, and good Christians believe that they share more kinship with non-white believers than do to a white non-believer. However, when pressed on the issue, how well do you think those belief systems would hold up?

Devout Christians who claim to place faith above race likely do not mean it. If you asked them if they would rather be neighbors with black Christians or white pagans, they might say they would rather be neighbors with the black Christians. What about living in an agnostic white neighborhood and sending their children to an all-white, but non-Christian school, compared to an all-black yet Baptist school in an all-black neighborhood? What about living in a country of whites that is only half-Christian, like New Zealand or Estonia, compared to the Congo, Guatemala, Colombia, or Ecuador, that are all over ninety percent Christian? Would any white truly choose the non-white option when pressed on the issue and forced to live the reality they espouse? Doubtful.

The current Pope is welcoming toward the hostile invaders often referred to as “refugees.” Does he – or indeed anybody who cares at all about Christendom – not understand what will happen to their beloved relics and holy sites in a post-white Europe? Does anybody believe that we can secure the future of these places without a white majority? Imagine a Europe with a twenty percent white population. What will become of the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel, Notre Dame, the Reims and Cologne Cathedrals, and the Pietà? Do you trust a group of low-IQ Saracens to ensure their maintenance? Do you trust people from nations with the lowest trust levels on Earth to not steal, embezzle, and destroy the institutions? If you care about your cultural and religious relics, above all else you must care about the future of the white race.

Of the free speech, gun rights, and libertarian advocates who wholeheartedly believe in those ideals, I ask: Have they seen the polls of ideology by race? They are never going to be able to achieve their goals with the demographics of Somalia. If you care about these values, you must first care about the well-being of the white race. No matter what your views, they all rely upon the guidance of the white race. Europeans themselves are the shield that defends all else.

To those who care about the well-being of women and children, animal rights, and environmentalism, these issues will also fall into the void without a strong white identity and self-determination. A study of ocean pollution revealed that up to ninety-five percent of all the plastic in the oceans comes from ten rivers, all of which are in Asia and Africa. Animal rights are an issue that, with the small exception of some Indo-Aryan peoples, is entirely non-existent outside of the white world. There are open-air dog meat markets all over Asia and horrific examples of animal cruelty within “migrant” populations all over Europe, from dogs being raped to death in Greece to kittens being dismembered and used to play soccer in Denmark in Arab neighborhoods. If you care about pollution and the treatment of animals, you need to first care about whites, as no other group will join your cause as they do not have the same reverence for nature that we do. While white nations create laws to protect endangered animals, others simply hunt them for profit.

If you look at crime rates in regards to rape and molestation throughout Europe and the US, you’ll find that non-whites are massively overrepresented as offenders. The clearest and most pragmatic way to reduce the number of women and children being victimized in our homelands is to simply keep the hordes away from our people.

Race is our reality. The white race matters more than a religious creed, education, wealth, ideology – literally everything. Even if you are fortunate enough to have high-functioning neighbors from other races, the conclusive evidence is that they will likely outbreed us in our homelands and thus create social discord, as heightened diversity in an area correlates to lower social capital. There is no justification for any of this. They can all go be good professors, engineers, doctors, and Christians in their homelands with their own people. We do not need them. We never have.

Race matters more than everything else; the rest is merely post hoc justification of the fact that we simply prefer our own. People will come up with any number of pretenses and lies, such as liberals who talk of “good school districts” – meaning majority white school districts. When people speak of a neighborhood that has “really gone downhill,” they never mean it became more white. They will say it has to do with poverty, culture, economic opportunity, access to the freeway, lack of religion, lack of education, and all sorts of other excuses to justify their preference to be segregated with their own. Within this line of reasoning lies the false assumption that racism and segregation are a priori evils. Quite the opposite: In-group preferences and social cohesion are so strong and so valuable to a society that segregation, exclusion, and in-group favoritism are a priori good as well as a posteriori proven to be necessary to create a high-trust and high-functioning society. They are both logically and factually desirable.

No matter their politics, education, income, or religion, white people manage to build nice, safe, cohesive cultures for themselves. There is a unique core aspect to our people – some metaphysical white quality that we possess. Before you can have your religion, your environmentalism, your safety, your gun rights, and your free speech, you must first simply be in favor of strong white identity, white self-determination, and white conservationism. Without that, nothing else is attainable.

Those of us engaged in this grand struggle are the only people trying to save the world. This is not merely about our race; this is about everything. If we become a despised and persecuted minority in our own homelands, nothing will remain. The world will fall into a dark, dystopian nightmare without us. The gravity of the situation should foster a deep sense of purpose and duty. Thus, go forth and never apologize for taking your own side. Never apologize for being a part of our beloved race, which has bestowed civilization with everything it has and takes for granted today. Be proud of your history, your people, and in the face of looming despair, dare to proclaim that tomorrow we shall live.

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