Her name was Marianne Amundsen

By Russleman for Nordic Resistance

A new day has come, and White genocide is another small step closer to its completion after Marianne Amundsen was stabbed while working at the public welfare office, dying at least 20 years before her time.

I understand the instinct to shrug one’s shoulders cynically and point out that this is simply the new normal in the West. God knows I have had the same reaction countless times when reading about the myriad similar cases that ultimately brought me to where I am today.

But this is not the correct reaction. The correct reaction is anger. Burning anger. Fury about every aspect of this case.

Abdella Ahmed H, a quota refugee from Libya, killed this woman. He killed her because the anti-White lying media filled his head with ideas that he was entitled to a life of luxury from a country he had never lifted a finger to build, and that he was a victim of structural racism. When all his demands were not immediately met, he felt completely justified in pulling out the knife he brought with him and murdering one White woman and maiming another physically and mentally for life.

And what is the anti-White lying media’s reaction to this murder they were complicit in causing?

The state broadcaster NRK’s description of the murderer read:

The perpetrator is a Norwegian citizen (39). He is remanded in custody for four weeks, charged with murder and grievous bodily harm.

How fitting it is that just days before this bestial murder, the national conversation revolved around a TV interview with Tinashe Williamson, the author of the Handbook for Young Anti-Racists. The conversation largely concerned stories from Tinache’s childhood (that definitely happened and were not exaggerated or fabricated in the slightest) regarding the terrible racism she was exposed to as a brown child. It would not be surprising if Marianne herself had been among the viewers, completely unaware that she had only days left to live.

Picture Marianne Amundsen’s last moments. Several minutes, perhaps more, of pure terror as she writhed on the ground, blood gushing from her chest and spreading across the floor, with a terrible icy pain her only companion as she met her death. Imagine the thoughts she had of the daughter she would never see again. All while her killer loomed over her, his blood-stained knife in hand, full of a burning fervour at his righteous uprising against the White oppressor.

Everything about the system we live in is designed to create this outcome, which is why we must describe it by its proper name: structural anti-Whiteness.

This was not an accident, not a random tragedy that could not have been avoided. Marianne Amundsen died as a result of deliberate and targeted policies. Her death certificate was signed the moment Abdella was granted asylum, “fleeing” from a war that neither Marianne, you or I had any role in starting. If any Norwegian is to blame here, it was Jonas Gahr Støre in his former role as foreign minister, when he helped send the fully functioning and stable country of Libya into civil war and chaos – a war started on the behalf of Jews and Israel.

Wars are started by elites and paid for by regular people. Often with their lives. Marianne Amundsen paid with her life, as countless others have done before her, and countless others will do again until the tyrannical and mendacious anti-White regime we live under has been overthrown.

How many more must die before we as Norwegians, THE REAL NORWEGIANS, are willing to stand up for ourselves and say “enough is enough”?

No more Jewish wars. No more asylum seekers. No more dead White women. No more anti-Whiteness.

We have suffered enough. It must end. And it must end NOW.

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