Is the Giant Awakening?

By Hunter Wallace for Occidental Dissent

Editor’s Note: This is a YouGov survey of Trump voters from January. Republicans who didn’t vote for Trump are not included in the poll.

You got to take a look at this.

If not “White Nationalism” which I would define as racial separatism and advocation of an ethnostate, then something like “White Populism” is very much alive inside the post-Trump GOP.

AEI/YouGov Poll:

Muh Republican Civil War.

Sen. Ben Sasse is getting censured by the Nebraska GOP. Liz Cheney nearly got drummed out of the GOP after voting to impeach Blumpf. Trump has decisively won the “civil war.”

Donald Trump has transformed the GOP on trade and immigration.

I don’t see any hope for Jeb 2024.

The consensus within the GOP among Trump voters is Build the Wall and deport them.

89% of Trump voters see Christianity as being under attack.

87% of Trump voters see Christianity as essential to American greatness.

87% of Trump voters are concerned about anti-White discrimination.

80% of Trump voters reject white privilege theory.

92% of Trump voters see the mainstream media as being identical with the Democratic Party.

77% of Trump voters feel muzzled by political correctness.

68% of Trump voters reject the systematic racism conspiracy theory.

79% of Trump voters say that their religion is extremely important, very important or somewhat important to their identity.

64% of Trump voters say that their race or ethnicity is extremely important, very important or somewhat important to their identity.

92% of Trump voters rank Antifa as a high or severe threat.

38% of Trump voters rank White Nationalists as a high or severe threat.

30% of Trump voters do not see White Nationalists as a threat at all.

How should we interpret this data?

The mainstream media narrative has always been that “fringe groups” and “hate groups” and the “far right” are like this tiny group of people. We know that is not true because the polling on the Alt-Right back in 2017 showed that millions of people identified with the movement. It was not an “extremist” movement and represented a large swath of the American electorate.

There was also a much larger Alt-Right adjacent group at this time.

It was anywhere between 1/4 to 1/3 of the White population of the United States. 1/3 of Republicans were reporting strong feelings of White identity and discrimination.

Here is my theory of this case:

The GOP was until very recently composed of two groups of voters: the classical liberal or Free Marketeer wing and the social conservative wing. This changed in the 2016 election when these two other groups of voters which had previously been in the Center moved into the GOP behind Donald Trump.

The Voter Survey Group found four distinct clusters of Trump voters:

This group which the Pew Research Center has labeled the “Disaffected” or “Embittered” or “Hard-Pressed Skeptics” and most recently the “Market-Skeptic Republicans” is racially conscious, nativist and strongly populist. The Voter Survey Group found this same cluster of voters and labeled them “American Preservationists.” These are different names for the same people. This group traveled into the GOP with a second distinct group which had been previously labeled “Libertarians” or “Upbeats” or “New Era Enterprisers.” They were kind of populist and nativist, but not racially conscious.

What do you get when you indiscriminately use a bazooka to smash a flea? In my view, the explosion of wokeness, censorship and violence from the Left under Donald Trump and the hyperbolic attacks on Whites has backfired and has created a siege mentality among Trump voters. It has raised the salience of White racial identity among Republican voters in general because they are all being attacked non-stop by the media. It is like saying “all Muslims are terrorists.” It is not that “White Nationalists” or the “Alt-Right” have become more influential or that “metapolitics” has transformed the Republican Party. It more like all Whites are being targeted as “racists” and “white supremacists” now and that appears to have had a tremendously positive effect on boosting White identity.

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