Memeing a Baby Bust

By Henry Delacroix for the American Sun

It is hard not to view everything as a psyop. There are real events and real movements in life. A safe assumption is that if it is coming via the oligarchs’ media entities, it must be a psyop. A perfect example was the Democrats leaking their wargaming project for the election. Why would they wargame a contested election and then leak it when Biden was supposedly up 10 points? They wanted to prepare the ground for the actions we have seen since 10pm on November 3rd. In the last week, there have been articles on the coming Covid-19 baby bust. Reviewing the details, this baby bust has been memed into existence, if it does happen.

A baby bust is coming. This has been a steady message throughout the pandemic. The media is preparing us for 300,000 to 500,000 fewer births in 2021. No one will know until January rolls around, but the authorities and experts are certain. This all goes back to a June report by Brookings that estimated a giant baby bust. Their analysis rested on a couple items: a recession and the Spanish Flu. This seeds the meme though for the media to broadcast via all channels to expect a baby bust. Therefore, readers can adjust their own family plans and those on the fence can align their lives into societal expectations. If they were ambivalent about kids, they now have their excuse.

Problem with Brookings’ assumptions involve both the recession and the Spanish Flu comparison. The better view of covid was the oil shocks of the ’70s. These were major dislocations that would change the current arrangements, forcing new equilibriums to be established. In March, one could see that, so by Brookings’ June release date, this was a reasonable assumption. We received confirmation of this with the Q3 GDP numbers that showed a strong snapback, and this was with many blue states continuing excessive lockdowns. Florida reopened Disneyworld. California kept Disneyland locked down. There have been no huge outbreaks due to Disneyworld. Same applies to college football game attendance. It is possible that America never technically sees a recession but that dislocation and then a changed growth pattern for ’21. With the arrival of vaccines, even the frightened left wingers will creep out into the open again.

The Spanish Flu comparison is a nice touchstone but a very different beast. That flu was a killer, not a coof. It also killed prime child bearing age individuals and spared (relatively) the elderly. The charts and graphs show the drop in birthrate corresponding to spikes, but this was a disease that killed the very people who would be forming families. The reality of covid is that 99.9% of people survive and nearly all but the most immuno compromised or obese survive under age forty. The idea of scarcity of resources isn’t even real in our post-scarcity era, and for months even the unemployed had their incomes protected via the CARES Act. By the time this report was out in June, comparison to the Spanish Flu was of no use except to spread fear. That was released during the month where the medical establishment set its credibility on fire encouraging protests after screaming about lockdowns and staying home for the whole spring.

A nefarious reading into this might be that actors saw that with lockdowns the random, out of wedlock, or one night stand kids were not going to be born in ’21 due to the lockdowns and married couples now working from home might have a lot of time for sex, causing a dip in our illegitimacy rate and a slightly less dysgenic number for our ’21 birthrates. They then memed a baby bust so those gullible, yet informed, news consumers could feel okay about not having a kid in the middle of a horrible pandemic.

That is completely unfounded speculation, but it would be a logical reaction by our media narrative makers. What was one of the most common jokes on social media and normie friendly in March? Well golly, what are all those young couples going to do at home during lockdown with nowhere to go and no commutes? A covid baby boom was joked about, and we all know the power of nudging and suggestion. Consider the pro-kids and positive baby messaging on Facebook and Instagram versus the Hollywood and media framing of children as horrible burdens. One is organic; the other is created by our media narrative makers.

We will see who was right; the the baby boom jokers or baby bust pushers. What cannot be denied is the overblown nature of the entire covid pandemic all for electoral gain. Every framing of the pandemic has been for the worse with the obvious goal of regime change in mind. It is disgusting that in the middle of a secular baby bust with a golden opportunity for young employed couples to have that baby or another child they have considered, we chose to scare a population from taking advantage of the situation because of a risk that posed virtually no risk to them at all. This is the anti-natalist nature of the modern left. For a political faction that settled on build back better, few things are worth building greater than a family. This fact never crossed their minds.

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