Regime Problems

By Fred Watson JR for the American Sun

The Sun proposed that we are seeing regime consolidation. Hard not to read the news feeds and agree. Big Tech is hardening the monopolies for information dissemination as quickly as possible. Corporations are claiming they will not allow donations to politicians who supported the insurrection. The FBI is now activated to hunt down insurrectionists. The line is being drawn for standing loyal to the regime or not for the actors in DC. There are several problems with this.

First, the regime wants to keep a completely neutered opposition in place. They want to have a loyal opposition, using those exact words, and spokesman in chief Biden has said we need Republicans. This is opposite of the Democrat messaging that well, we do not need Republicans to do what we want. They want the fiction of a two party system with give and take in place. Major problem is that the last few administrations have shown this to be a lie. Major problems went unaddressed because no one would compromise. Why should anyone now do so?

The second major problem is the ginned up base’s for both parties. The left has a base they have cultivated that is out of their control. This could be the woke crowd, and this can be the currently spun up, anti-domestic terrorist crowd. The woke crowd will fill the bureaucracies, more than even now, and put the insane ideas formerly reserved for social media into regulations and laws. The second crowd is not really new. It is possible to search for tweets from the Boston Bombing. The drooling was off the charts for the few hours that left wingers thought that maybe the bombers were straight, white men, and the camps could be opened. Reeling them in before lines get crossed that start real problems is an issue. As of today, this is not happening. Many political figures are pushing ideas that only incite further action.

This doesn’t touch the right wing’s base, which is full on Trumpist. The real anger about 1/6 is that whites went off the reservation. Notice that the right didn’t even bother to push how diverse the crowd was, because it was not, but this was opposite of the diverse crowd meme we have seen used at the Tea Party rallies or the Virginia 2A rally. The events of 1/6 were no insurrection, but were like an American version of the Cronulla Riots or the Yellow Vest protests. The regime itself has gone full mask off, so they know the stakes of the game. The old GOP talking points and style are dead. It won’t get people to the polls, and you need 51/49 losses to maintain the façade. Setting the line in the sand at Mitt Romney is not going to work. Electoral wipeouts mean one party rule. Where does that energy go? What does that crowd do in the event the left only turns the screws tighter?

Third, there is always a potential for using the electoral system to wipe them out. Say the regime does keep the GOP alive. When everyone knows that national elections are closed off, why would anyone waste time? Even worse, any state of considerable power will be subject to the Georgia 2020 playbook, so state power would be difficult. This would only encourage an entire bloc of the nation to flip the Monopoly board. This is an appropriate metaphor. In a two man game, the board eventually becomes owned by one player but there’s never really any end to the game until the one cornered flips and board and walks away.

Keeping the GOP alive creates another problem as well. We could call this the Bolsonaro moment. Right wing Brazilians in the mid-’10s thought that no matter how bad the regime ruled, there would never be a route to win again. Bolsonaro showed up in a crisis moment. If the GOP is allowed to live, that infrastructure is there to be used and deployed to elect someone like Trump but wiser to the game. America will become like Latin American republics where there are neolib administrations, socialist administrations, and then after those terms wreck the nation, the caudillo emerges to clean it up and restart the cycle.

Except the left has shown their hand. No next caudillo would take power and not go much further than Trump ever dreamed of going. It would not be an all talk or tweet Boomer. This is why democracy is done. It is too dangerous to the regime. The system will be formalized. Maybe Moldbug is right, and securely in power, the left will govern well now knowing they never have to worry about an election again. Maybe every other person on the right is right, and the left will rule with extreme anger against the natives and fumble every challenge.

The regime does have to rule well. All indications are that they will not. All indications are they will make half the nation untouchable. They will be unchallengeable due to their hold on the levers of powers and their lock on procedures, which will be managed by their trained administrators passing their implicit and explicit loyalty oaths. They will make it overt who owns the results. Forcing them to shed their camouflage, this now makes them an identifiable bloc to replace.

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