Erectus Walks Amongst Us


By Richard D. Fuerle, Published in 2008



Erectus Walks Among Us is a book published in 2008 to debunk the “Out of Africa Theory.” A politically motivated theory which was created and promoted by the liberal arts department of major Universities, not the science departments.

The book is divided into 5 sections: (1) What the reader needs to know about fossil humans, evolution, neoteny, genetic distance, and evolutionary psychology. (2) The traits of races of living people, their hard and soft tissue, behavior, intelligence, and accomplishments, (3) The Out-of-Africa theory of modern human origins, including fossil support, mtDNA and nuclear DNA support, and the alleged replacement of Eurasians by Africans about 65,000 years ago, (4) The Out-of-Eurasia theory of human origins, including evolution up to a bipedal ape, why man’s intelligence increased until recently, Neanderthals, and the origins of Eurasians, Africans, and Asian aborigines, and (5) Policies based on the previous sections, i.e., the classification of races, miscegenation, hybrids, segregation, eugenics, the left, egalitarianism, individualism, morality, and the present situation.

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