America’s Greatest Problem – The Negro


By R. W. Shufeldt, Published in 1915



By R. W. Shufeldt, M.D. A new edition of the 1917 classic which predicted that if America’s racial problems were not solved by physical geographical separation of the races, the US would dissolve into a cauldron of racial conflict which would be detrimental to blacks and whites alike.

After reviewing Negro and white racial origins, and the impact of racial differences on crime, health, and economics, the author sketches in graphic—and sympathetic—detail the horror of the African slave trade which brought the Africans to America. Describing the slave trade—and slavery—as a catastrophic error, he then goes on to point out how inherent, and unchangeable, racial differences mean that no matter what happens, politically or socially, there will never be genuine “equality” between black and white—because it is a physical impossibility.

A failure to recognize this, he argues, means that America will be consigned to indefinite racial unrest. Rather than face such a future, he proposes that the only way genuine racial peace—and a lasting solution—can be achieved is through the colonization of the black population back to Africa.

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