An Appeal to Reason


By Willis A. Carto, Published in 2008



A Compendium of the Writings Of Willis A. Carto, America’s Foremost Nationalist Critic Of War & Imperialism Compiled by Michael Collins Piper With Foreword by Michael Collins Piper Here is an assemblage of the most powerful writings of TBR publisher Willis A. Carto compiled by veteran journalist Michael Collins Piper. For more than 50 years Carto has been fighting global imperialism and perpetual war. And here is your chance to sample the hardhitting writing style of Carto on a variety of timely and important subjects from the Jewish holocaust to free trade to the perpetual war for perpetual peace scam to the hidden truth about the causes of WWII and the secret forces working behind the scenes to foment world revolution and unrest. Never before has such a compendium of Carto’s vast writings been attempted-but here it is!

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