Antifa: What Americans Need to Know about the Alt-Left


By WND, Published in 2017

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“Antifa” dominates today’s headlines, from swarming conservative speakers on college campuses to attacking Trump supporters attending the president’s rallies. Yet, though these masked, violent radicals are more numerous and prominent than ever, they are poorly understood. Claiming to oppose “racism” and “fascism,” they are widely excused by the news media, and even by some Republicans, as extremists pursuing a good cause.
The reality is far different – and now, for the first time, Americans can find out the truth. WND presents an exclusive report on the formation, history, ideology, tactics and future of the leftwing extremists who call themselves Antifa:
You’ll learn how, historically, the movement started as the street fighters of the German Communist Party – and how Antifa today still uses the same symbols and slogans as their communist forebears.
You’ll go inside the writings of Antifa itself, and see the unlimited, outrageous claims to power and violence these masked thugs openly declare for themselves.
You’ll get an in-depth examination of Antifa’s major factions, as well as the tactics it employs.
Most importantly, you’ll understand why Antifa isn’t just a threat to conservatives and Trump supporters, but to all Americans who value the right of free speech and other essential constitutional freedoms.
This report is a tour de force of little-known Western political history as well as a penetrating look at one of the most dangerous forces to emerge in American politics. And while liberal reporters, leftist politicians and anti-American academics openly align themselves with, and run interference for, Antifa, no conservative, libertarian or responsible American can afford to remain ignorant about this group – or what it plans to do to anyone who disagrees with it.

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