Deceived, Damned and Defiant


By David Lane, Published in 1999



14 WORD PRESS proudly offers the compiled writings of political prisoner David Lane in this 400 page, soft cover book of profound wisdom and inspiration.

Author of the sacred 14 Words credo, David Lane serves 190 years in prison for resisting the genocide of his race. This unjust incarceration has afforded him the luxury of deep study and on-going research in the fields of race, politics and religion. Mr. Lanes philosophical insights, forged by ardent compassion, are illuminating and dynamically presented in this consummate treatise expounding upon these 14 Words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

DECEIVED, DAMNED & DEFIANT incorporates the first five years of FOCUS FOURTEEN monthly newsletters, together with the booklets: 88 Precepts, Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals, Autobiographical Portrait of David Lane, White Genocide Manifesto, Revolution by Number 14 and Wodensson in Verse.

England’s veteran warrior Colin Jordan has graced this long-awaited tome with a powerfully brilliant introduction; Ron McVan and Katja Lane contribute personal insights on Mr. Lanes commitment and sacrifice to his holy cause.

DECEIVED, DAMNED & DEFIANT, enhanced by the masterful illustrations of Ron McVan, is presented in a high quality, stunning volume. Offering an advanced degree in reality for all who dare to read it, DECEIVED, DAMNED & DEFIANT is a definitive, no-holds-barred expos of forbidden and long-persecuted truths.

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