By Edward Dutton, Published in 2019



When ‘The Great Migration’ began in 2015, over a million Africans and Arabs entered Europe. Many Western European countries welcomed them with open arms, while the countries of Eastern Europe reacted with horror at the prospect of accepting them, as did countries in the Middle East and Far East.

Why are some nations so much more welcoming to immigrants than others? Why are some ethnic groups more ethnocentric than others, and why do Europeans seem to be so low in ethnocentrism? This highly original book sets out to answer these crucial questions. This is the first book to look at race differences in ethnocentrism, as well as the first to survey cutting-edge genetic research on differences in ethnocentrism.

Ethnocentrism, Dutton concludes, is predicted by almost everything Europeans have abandoned: cousin marriage, religiousness, a small gene pool, high levels of infant mortality. And his research suggests that, eventually, the more ethnocentric groups almost always dominate…

Dutton is a brilliant young researcher who has published some excellent work, of which this book is his latest example. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the reasons behind the apparent suicide of the European peoples. — Prof. Richard Lynn

Edward Dutton has provided a thorough review of the psychometric literature on ethnocentrism. Highly recommend. — Prof. Kevin MacDonald

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