Folk and Nation


By Arthur Kemp, Published in 2008



Would an African who learned Mandarin and dressed in Oriental clothes become Chinese?

Would an Englishman who learned Ngaanyatjarra and who dressed in animal skins become an Australian Aborigine?

Would a Chinese person who learned Yoruba and dressed in African garb become a Nigerian?

Would an African who learned Iroquoian and dressed in deerskin and wore a feather hat become a North American Indian?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding no. Only an idiot would even contemplate otherwise. Yet, the liberal elite would have the rest of the world believe that anyone—African, Asian, or anyone at all—can “become” European by simply dressing and speaking like them.

This madness is rooted in the fake “cultural” or “civic” nationalist ideology, which is nothing more than the death knell for all individual peoples.

Only the sound, logical and natural policy of ethnonationalism can guarantee the survival of the native, indigenous people—of all nations and lands, and the European people in particular.

This ideological handbook which explains in detail the concept of ethno-nationalism. The text of this version has been only slightly changed from an original training booklet developed for a nationalist party in Britain. Specific references to parties and other local issues have been removed to make it more universal, and the ideas contained therein can now be used as a manual to propagate the idea of ethnonationalism—among all peoples across the world.

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