How Europe Became American


By Hans Vogel, Published in 2021



Hans Vogel’s How Europe Became American is a perfect step-by-step summary of how the Old Continent turned into a clone of the New World. Tracing the history of the brother wars that have ravaged the West, and America’s skillful exploitation of their fallout, the book clearly demonstrates how the United States, with the aid of its ever-faithful lackey England, has purposely and insidiously fomented conflicts. Always driven by avaricious interests, the US has enriched itself through its back-door participation, based on staged incidents to rally the gullible masses.

How did English become the lingua franca? How did America become the sole superpower and the global policeman with the biggest stick? Why is Europe voluntarily relinquishing its status as the world’s mightiest civilization? The author answers all these questions in a revealing and easy to follow manner, which keeps the reader riveted and makes him question the “official” narrative shoved down his throat on a daily basis by the agenda-driven mainstream media and systematically corrupted educational institutions.

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