Identity Rising


By Julian Langness, Published in 2018



Identity Rising: How Nationalist Millennials Will Re-Take Europe, Save America, And Become The New ‘Greatest Generation’ is an exciting and groundbreaking book detailing the rising crises gripping the West and the inter-generational friction undergirding them. The book is focused on the burgeoning movement of young ‘Nationalistic’ Millennials now disrupting the political discourse in North America and Europe. Placing this important movement of young writers and thinkers within the proper historical context, author Julian Langness compares their politics to that of the Progressive, left-wing, Baby-Boomer generation that preceded them, whose beliefs currently dominate the Western world and have brought it to the place it is today. Bringing into play the writings of Peter Turchin, Nassim Taleb, and other important thinkers, Langness predicts coming crises that will shake the West to its core, primarily centered around radical left-wing ‘Suicidalist’ Progressivism and its corollary of mass-immigration- particularly as seen within Europe and the so-called ‘migrant crisis’. With each of these threats catalyzing a dire situation for Europe and the West as a whole, Identity Rising explores the fascinating roots of this new, nationalistic, ‘Preservationist’ zeitgeist that opposes them. From there, he asks the question of whether it and its Millennial adherents can successfully ward off the existential threats at play, and somehow preserve a future for Western civilization. … Identity Rising is author Julian Langness’ second full-length book. In his first book, Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, he recounted his experiences travelling in Europe as a teenager and early twenty-something; being exposed to the insanity of Europe’s mass-immigration policies; and how those experiences catalyzed his political journey and transformation. Just like in that book, Identity Rising is a combination of first person narration, historical accounts, and societal analysis. This analysis seeks to shed light on difficult truths, and to discern both their root causes and whether any solutions for them still exist. To this end, Identity Rising is fast-paced and personal yet also thorough and analytic, and contains over 300 citations that reference source material for the facts and statistics presented, as well as the insights of many other important authors and thinkers such as Jack Donovan, Guillaume Faye, Frances Fukuyama, William S. Lind, Douglas Murray , Friedrich Nietzsche, J.R.R. Tolkien, and others, all of whom have written books possessing vast importance to the question of what the West’s future will be.

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