Lincoln’s Negro Policy


By Earnest Sevier Cox, Published in 2016

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Contrary to popular belief, Abraham Lincoln—and many other famous American politicians and Founding Fathers—regarded total physical racial separation and the repatriation of all blacks back to Africa as the only solution to America’s racial problems. This work shows—from Lincoln’s speeches and actions—that he never considered the integration of blacks into American society as an option, and repeatedly told “free Negroes” that their true destiny lay outside of America, in a “colony” of their own, either in Africa or elsewhere in the Caribbean or South America.Even Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation contained the demand that blacks be sent back to a colony outside the U.S., as this study shows. This repatriation plan was also supported by millions of blacks. The black organizations and leadership—including Paul Cuffe, Henry M. Turner, Marcus Garvey, and M. M. L. Gordon—are also reviewed in this riveting work.

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