Memetic Warfare


By Anton Stigermark, Published in 2020



This book is about the relationship between culture and politics. How do these two strengthen and influence each other? For some, culture occupies its own sphere and has nothing to do with the political struggles in a society. For others, culture is something which completely determines politics. The answer might be somewhere in between. Things like culture, ideology, and stories, are the necessary prerequisites for the wielding of power. And thinking about this relation can solve one of the most important issues today: why do people act against their objective interests? It needs to be said that this book is not only an academic investigation; it is also a political treatise dealing from a nationalist point of view with some of the problems that are haunting contemporary Sweden and the West.

Why do the peoples of Western Civilization accept mass immigration into their countries? Why do they accept political elites who are more loyal to globalism and international financial interests than to the people they are responsible for looking after? Put simply, why do people act against their interests? Why memes? During the Trump campaign, memes became the way through which high theory and culture could connect with the mass of people. Memes became the way through which men of the right could communicate with people they would otherwise never have reached. Ideas need to spread; otherwise they are worthless. Therefore memes are politically relevant and worthy of consideration. They can be one way of winning back the West.

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