Seventy Five Proud Years: Pioneers and Progress of Rhodesia


By H. C. P. Andersen , Published in 1965



A perfect digitally-restored copy of a Rhodesian government-endorsed publication issued on the 75th anniversary of that nation in 1965 and is the only official history of Rhodesia ever published which provides an overview of events from the time of the 1890 “Pioneer Columns” to just before the world-famous “Unilateral Declaration of Independence” in 1965.

Starting with an introduction by the Prime Minister, Ian Smith, the book then discusses in detail the founding of the country, the struggle with the Shona rebellion, the later political developments (including the abortive federation with Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland (today Zambia and Malawi), and includes the first portend of the soon-to-come independence issue.

Along the way, a number of fascinating articles detail Rhodesia’s remarkable short progress in the agricultural, industrial, economic, and military sectors, perhaps best summed up by the two photographs of the capital city Salisbury, one taken in 1898, and the other in 1965.

The earlier picture shows less than thirty corrugated tin-roofed houses and sheds, while the second picture, taken only 67 years later, shows a modern city, complete with all the infrastructure found in any First World metropolis.

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