The Return of Odysseus


By Michael Walker, Published in 2015



Can a civilization teetering on the edge of destruction be saved through the strength of will of a single individual?

Can a culture be rescued by the faithful few, given inspiration by a powerful leader?

Can a deliberate conspiracy be defeated through decisive action—even though the conspiracy appears to have already won?

Can an individual who has already given up his cause as hopeless, be persuaded to return to the fray and win?

All of these questions—and more—are addressed in this masterful adaptation of the last section of Homer’s classic work, “The Odyssey”, dealing with the final return of the long-lost King of Ithaca, Odysseus, to his homeland.

As all familiar with the original story will know, in Odysseus’s absence following the Trojan War, his country Ithaca falls into anarchy with all manner of evil suitors seeking the hand of his wife—presumed to be a widow—in order to seize control of the kingdom.

In this adaptation of that drama, Michael Walker takes its underlying premise—a king returning to his subverted realm—and weaves a suspense-filled tale involving characters present-day readers may recognise.

Posited against the scenario of betrayal, fear and self-seeking, are the faithful few who have remained loyal to the missing king, hoping against hope that he will return and cleanse the nation.

Is faith enough? Have they given up in the face of seemingly overwhelming numbers? Will they find the strength and courage to fight once again should the king return?

Find out in the dramatic conclusion of this work, written in play format ready for stage presentation.

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