The Second Zundel Trial


By Barbara Kulaszka Published in 2019



More than three decades have passed since the Second Zündel Trial ended in 1988. Accused of spreading “false news” about the Holocaust, Ernst Zündel staged a magnificent defense in an attempt to prove to a jury that revisionist concepts of “the Holocaust” are essentially correct. Far from being “Holocaust denial”, these concepts are actually “reality affirmations” by explaining what really happened, supported by a wide array of evidence.

Although many of the key players have since passed away, among them Ernst Zündel himself, this historic trial keeps having an impact as though it had happened just yesterday. It inspired major research efforts as they are nowadays expounded in the individual volumes of the series Holocaust Handbooks.

While the First Zündel Trial of 1985 was extensively covered by the Canadian news media, the second trial, although much less covered by the mass media, had a much greater impact internationally, mainly due to the Leuchter Report as the first independent forensic research performed on the Auschwitz and Majdanek camps.

One reason for the Leuchter Report’s initial success was that it was endorsed on the witness stand by the British bestselling historian David Irving. The present book features the essential contents of this landmark trial with all the gripping, at-times-dramatic details.

When decided to ban this 1992 book on a landmark trial about the “Holocaust”, we decided to put it back in print, so that censorship may backfire on the censors…

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