Whiteness: The Original Sin


By Jim Goad, Published in 2018



The West Midlands Fire Brigade demands a score of 70 from white men, but only 60 from everyone else. English Heritage advertises jobs from which white people are explicitly banned from applying. The Government’s £90 million ‘Youth Fund’ will only be made available to young people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds. And so on.

In his blistering new book, Whiteness: the Original Sin, the American redneck provocateur and white working-class columnist for Taki Magazine, Jim Goad, shows how this is now part and parcel of an all-out war on white people – waged largely by white people, confusingly, although with the support of many non-whites. The defence is that such outrageous policies aim to ‘increase diversity’ or ‘abolish white supremacy’, but there is no such embrace of diversity in Saudi Arabia, nor distaste for ‘Japanese supremacy’ in Japan. Quite right too. Why should they irrevocably change their ancestral homelands?

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