Who Makes Our Money?


By F. J. Irsigler, Published in 2011



Franz Johann Irsigler (born 1900) was a Catholic who lived in France and South Africa, where he worked in neurology and the brain.

Irsigler has chapters on the American War of Independence, Who Plotted World War I …, Who Plotted World War II …, Roosevelt, financing of the so-called ‘communist revolution’, Churchill, the CIA, the press, paper money, Eisenhower a ‘friend of Bernard Baruch … promoted over 150 others … without battle experience’, ‘Why genocide and holocaust’, the Soviet Union’s covert industrialisation, debt and developing nations, and a lot more. He has quite a good writing style. But his title is hopelessly misleading!)

This book has eighteen chapters, but layout and logical structure is weak; hence four stars. Some chapters are in effect book reviews; others switch between topics; and the bibliographical information is not very good. His sources include books like ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’, ‘The Red Pattern of World Conquest’, ‘The Federal Reserve and Our Manipulated Dollar’. ‘Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development’ gets an unclear mention. Ingersoll (the rationalist) is quoted – Irsigler notes that Catholicism has the idea of eternal punishment, for example. There’s some specific South African influence – the Afrikaners wanted to keep out of WW2, he says; he also notes that going to war was liked by many – they got regular pay.

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