William Dudley Pelley


By Scott Beekman, Published in 2005



William Dudley Pelley should be considered one of the first of American Prophets pointing out the increasing Jewish control of the US Government and American Society in the early 20th Century. Pelley’s crusade occurred at a time when the mainstream society was sympathetic to the Jewish situation in Europe and Palestine. Most prophets are out of step with the mainstream of their time and get ignored, jailed, or even killed. It is only later that people see their wisdom.

This book makes one think further about the nature of Jewish power in America. In Pelley’s day, Jews may well have been at the height of their power, and since then there might be a weakening of this force. Other than the activists with guns influenced but not controlled by Pelley, the Silver Shirts was a “right wing” force that engaged in political speech and real-world activism that would be considered constitutionally protected today. After the 1940s, the US Government disbanded FDR’s tool-set for domestic suppression and such a thing won’t be assembled again in the same way in the future.

Later right-wing institutions engaged in Constitutionally protected activity – like Ben Klassen and Richard Butler’s organizations – did get defeated by their enemies, but through tort law, not criminal law. This is a small distinction that can lead to big changes down the line. Additionally, this legal sword cuts both ways. Jewish groups can get sued in civil court also.

Since Pelley died, other than a few holdouts Bolshevism has been swept away. The United States also executed, imprisoned, and blacklisted Jews engaged in various illegal schemes during the Cold War. While one may say this is small potatoes compared to the nature of the threat, it is important to note that in 1945 Jewish spies worked at the highest levels and Jewish Communists organized with impunity.

Furthermore, the American public has become fully engaged in Middle-Eastern affairs. The story of “plucky” Israel working as America’s “greatest ally” is losing its grip. “Red lines” are “crossed” and the public yawns – after all they are Jewish “red lines,” not American ones. Additionally, for all of its faults, the Obama Administration was more anti-Israel than any Presidential administration since Eisenhower. Small changes in one Presidency often carry over to the next administration. (See America’s Vietnam policy from 1946 until 1975 for more details. Once the train starts to roll…) One interesting thing to note, the 2016 Presidential Election is the first time that accusations of “anti-Semitism” failed to move the public. Trump’s recent withdrawing of support for Syrian “moderate” rebels and his defeat of ISIS is also a hard and fast defeat of Israeli interests.


C. F. Robinson

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