Winds of Change: Notes for the Reconquista


By Udo Voigt et al., Published in 2016



“We need to be ready for the change. We need to be ready to seize the moment and ride the tide. To do so, we need to create the new generations of political soldiers, of Europeans – who have the capacity, the moral compass, the knowledge and the practical skills to fulfil their duty to Europe and its people.”

We live in ‘exciting times’. Successions of stunning electoral defeats for the forces of liberalism are symptoms of a citizens’ revolt against the elites and their democratic deficit.

These populist rebellions are incoherent, powerful yet literally reactionary, responses to globalism. The millions of citizens who have slapped the elites in the face know what they are against, but have no guiding vision of what they are for.

The resulting lack of direction is very dangerous. The globalists have been shaken to the core, but they are already regrouping and planning their counter-attacks. This renewed danger can only be met if the forces of tradition and identity develop a coherent, positive vision for a better future.

Populist revolts are not enough. For secure, lasting victory they have to be transformed into full-scale National Revolutions. But there can be no revolution in action without first a revolution in ideas and in the hearts of future revolutionaries. This book represents a vital step on the road to creating a winning National Revolutionary ideology for the 21st Century.

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