Stop Calling Them Nazis, They’re Bolsheviks

By Padraig Martin for Identity Dixie

I see it all the time.  A thread on a social media string begins with the latest violent assault or suppression of free speech by a leftist organization.  After getting through the variety of “DemonRat” monikers, someone calls them “Nazis” (or fascists, etc).  It is at that point whereby I engage: Stop calling them Nazis.  They are Bolsheviks.  Know the difference and why Bolshevism is worse than Nazism ever was.

To begin, I can make a full- throated defense as to the reasons why National Socialism arose in Germany, but that is not the point of this piece.  Rather, it is to attack language that is counterproductive to any right-of-center argument related to the tactics of the Left – especially the Far Left.  When someone from the Right calls Far Left actions “fascist” or “Nazi,” they are passively endorsing communism.  They are refusing to place the blame on the ideology that is at the root of detestable leftist behavior.  Over time, this has led younger generations to immediately associate all things Nazi as “bad,” but never associates Marxism with the vile and detestable ideology that it is.  But, there is more to this linguistic strategic mistake.

Most Americans know about the Third Reich through World War II era propaganda and post-WWII revisionist history, largely to justify the grotesque behavior we applied toward the German people in the aftermath (i.e., “they deserved it” rhetoric).  If you ask your average normie American to describe the Nazi Party, they will undoubtedly mention the killing of Jews, concentration camps, dictatorship, the suppression of freedoms, and the initiators of World War II.  They will also mention “socialism” because it was in the name.  However, if these same Americans were to look deeper at the political positions of the National Socialist German Workers Party, they would probably agree with most of the political positions of the party by means of a different label.

There is a myth that the Nazi Party arose due to the economic collapse of the immediate post-World War I decade.  That was caused by the Treaty of Versailles.  While it is true, the economic collapse contributed to the rise of political movements centered around the financial well being of the average German citizen, the real contributing factor to the rise of the Nazi Party was the societal collapse of Germany after their wartime loss.

The Weimar Republic was not just an economic disaster, the German Left exploited new democratic reforms to shove social policies down the throats of ordinary Germans.  Transgenderism ran rampant in Germany – encouraged by academics and the media of the time.  Homosexuality was being taught in schools.  God was being stripped from society.  The middle-class German, already suffering from the post-war economy, now had to suffer cultural Marxism, as institutions such as the (Jewish) Institute for Social Research (the Frankfurt School) pushed Far Left social positions – such as teaching little boys as young as five years old to explore “pansexual” desires.

Compounding these problems was cheap labor in the form of illegal aliens from the former Austrian Slavic territories, competing with German workers for what few jobs remained.  If a German complained about the illegal aliens taking their jobs, the Left derided them as being “prejudiced” – a term introduced by cultural Marxists as early as 1924 by Judeo-Bolsheviks.  A general sense of a need for Nationalist unity – a return to a German sense of morality and patriotism – emerged throughout Germany, most notably among the shrinking German middle class, who looked around their country and thought to themselves, “this is not the country within which I was raised… we need to make Germany great again.”  Consequently, as described in William Sheridan Allen’s book, The Nazi Seizure of Power, the early German Nazi Party emerged from garden parties in suburban Germany, where discussions on the collapse of normal German society gave birth to the idea that a new political party was needed.  The “conservative” party – the German National People’s Party – was failing them.

Sound familiar yet?

Break this down for the modern, normal Republican “conservative” through an exploration of that which is happening around them.  Ask them the following:  are you opposed to teaching children about the joys of homosexuality as young as five?  Are you opposed to the belief that gender is fluid and transgenderism is normal?  Are you opposed to illegal immigration and open borders?  Is the Establishment Republican Party not addressing your concerns and representative of your values? If your Republican friend answered, “Yes,” to these positions, he probably would have embraced the patriotic Nazi Party in 1932.

But what of the aggressive tactics of the Germans in the suppression of free speech and personal liberties?  What about the book burnings that Constitutional conservatives point toward?  Well, they are correct that mass book burnings occurred, but no one ever talks about “which” books were being burned.  The Nazis concentrated on burning books like Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and explorations on child pansexualism by Sigmund Freud.  In other words, the Nazi Party was not burning the Bible – like the political Left is doing today both literally and figuratively – they were burning pedophilia pamphlets and sexually immoral content.  Even if you believe that a free society should protect books of any kind, it is hard to argue that the Nazis in the truly conservative, nationalist revival of Germany in the 1930s were any different in their perspectives on degenerate writings than Americans of the same era.  Huey Long, for example, would not endorse the promotion of manuals on homosexual sex in Louisiana libraries.

As for political suppression, consider the context of the era.  The largely Jewish-led Antifaschistische Aktion (the ideological predecessors of the modern American AntiFa) were given a free pass by the largely Jewish-led media of 1920s and 1930s Germany.  The media ignored the fact that the AntiFa were terrorizing ordinary, small business owners who were simply patriotic Germans.  They burned buildings, broke windows, led riots throughout Germany in ways that make modern Portland seem like a walk in the park.  The emergence of the German Brown Shirts was not to terrorize ordinary Germans, but to protect them from the outrageous destruction of the Far Left German AntiFa.  When Hitler and the Nazi Party ascended to power, it did so during a time in which sexual depravity, illegal immigration, economic depression, and wanton leftist destruction enveloped Germany.  The Nazi Party, for its part, did not stop all political dissent – contrary to revisionist history.  After all, political parties on the Left and center-Right survived through World War II.  Rather, it stopped one particular type of political dissent: communism.

When viewed in the totality of the political context of 1920s and 1930s Germany, we see remarkable parallels with 2020s America.  The collapse of societal and sexual norms… an economy in shambles due in large part to political malfeasance… rampant illegal immigration harming the legal citizen’s political and economic outcomes… Far Left terrorist organizations devastating the country with tacit support from the media… These are all positions with which a modern conservative American can look at his own country and realize that Nazism, whereas it may not be a good fit for the United States, was a normal reaction to Germany’s ailments.  I can get into “the Holocaust,” the invasion of Poland, the invasion of France, Vichy Government, and many other topics related to the myths on the German Nazi Party, but those are subjects for future writings.

Returning to the subject of calling the AntiFa or the Left, “Nazi,” you now see where the label is self-defeating.  It is not simply a matter of passively endorsing Marxism by refusing to label the Left what it is.  It is also a repudiation of the very political positions that conservatives hold dear.  If they were not so intellectually lazy – believing the History Channel’s narrative on Nazi Germany – they would realize they embrace many of the same ideals as the National Socialist German Workers Party.  They are patriotic, hard working citizens, who value Christian values, loathe the sexual lasciviousness of transgenderism, detest pedophilia, and want border enforcement.  When using the term “Nazi” to describe despicable political behavior, you are effectively arguing for the opposite of the positions I just described.  You are stating that you are against patriotism, border enforcement, and conservative social values.

Worse, you are also teaching your children and grandchildren to ignore the excesses of violent Bolshevism.  When you denigrate Nazism but ignore Marxism in your condemnation of political violence, you are yelling loudly toward your children, “Nazis are bad.”  By extension, it is then easy for their leftist teachers to bridge a logical gap: everyone agrees that the Nazis are bad – including your parents and grandparents – thus, communism, which is opposed to Nazism, is good, and any organization that is “anti fascist” is also good.  You are, in effect, helping to teach your children and grandchildren how to reject your political values and embrace a new set of Marxist values by misplacing your anger.  Where does all this lead?

There is no universe by which the Nazis will march on the capital and take over the U.S. Government.  Even depictions of the January 6th Capitol riots were not of SS troops goosestepping through the Halls of Congress.  It was comprised of ordinary, frustrated, working-class Americans who rightfully believe that their vote was stolen from them.  However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Communists are taking over the United States.  They are not doing so by means of the point of a gun, they are doing so by means of subtly subverting the institutions of government and society writ large.  That is a far bigger threat than “Nazis.”

As a Southern Nationalist, I am personally opposed to European fascism.  It does not export well to the South.  Rather, I believe that the South would be better off with a localized, clan-kin based leadership model.  That stated, I also believe that fascism has some good things from which to extrapolate – such as the protection of national manufacturing and conservative social norms.  Communism has absolutely nothing good about it whatsoever.

Therefore, moving forward, I beseech you to start training your children and grandchildren to see Bolshevism for the evil that it is.  Start calling the vile Left what they are – Bolsheviks, Marxists, or communists.  Stop calling them Nazis.  It is only hurting our overall cause.


  1. We were certainly told many lies about WWII. If that war was so great for freedom and democracy, why did half of Eastern Europe end up under (((communist))) control? No one who believes the propaganda can answer that one.

    Too bad Hitler was not helped to crush the Bolsheviks. But with kikes in all the Western governments, no wonder we had this outcome.

    I do think though a big question is that even if Hitler had been left alone, who would have replaced him? Martin Bormann was quiet a subversive figure with way too much power.

  2. America’s problem is that the entire nation was taught lies about WWII and Hitler and the Jews. Therefore they cannot understand truth when they read it today concerning who the Bolsheviks really are and who is America’s enemy within our own nation. They are being told it is the communist Chinese. Until they are told it is the Jews, the original communists (the Bolsheviks) who are infested within our government everywhere they will continue to sleep through seeing where our enormous problem lies. And they need to be reeducated on WWII facts and shown Hitler was not the bad guy.


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