Sweden: 94-year-old in court

By Editorial Staff for Nordic Resistance

Vera Oredsson appeared in Falu District Court on Monday 26 September, facing two ridiculous thought crime charges.

era Oredsson in Falu courtThe “crimes” Vera stands accused of consist of two comments written on the nordfront.se website in 2018. The complainant was the obsessively litigious Juridikfronten. Juridikfronten is responsible for most of the legal reports of racial hatred in Sweden, which demonstrates that the supposedly affected minority groups are rarely, if ever, actually offended by cases like these. Rather, the law is used as a taxpayer-funded cudgel against nationalist political opposition.

era Oredsson, Pär Öberg and lawyer
Pär Öberg and Vera Oredsson with Vera’s lawyer

The first of the two comments on trial was a thank you Vera made to the comrades who congratulated her on her 90th birthday. In the comment, she also hailed victory with two Swedish words (an illegal phrase in Sweden). The prosecutor believed this showed contempt towards Jews and non-Nordic ethnicities, even though no such people were named in the article or the comment.

In the second comment, Vera wrote that she was angry about politicians defending people who drag their children to see naked men in Pride parades. She called such people “disgusting”. The prosecutor believed this showed contempt and was derogatory towards homosexuals, even though it was very clear that the comment only referred to a few participants in the Pride parades – i.e., those who bring their children.

The prosecutor also thought both of these harmless comments made over four years ago justified taking a 94-year-old previously unconvicted woman to court. According to Vera’s lawyer, Vera is probably the oldest person who has ever been accused of a crime in the history of Falu District Court.

era Oredsson and Simon Lindberg in court
The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, was also present to show his support

The prosecutor made a pathetic opening statement that was completely crushed by Vera’s lawyer. For example, the prosecutor cited other convictions that had some common denominator with this case, but which also had significant differences. Vera’s lawyer then referred to cases that were much more similar to this case, and in which the defendant was acquitted.

Vera’s lawyer also presented evidence arguing that the Pride movement must be regarded as a political movement, and not just as an association for sexual minorities. He stated that as a political movement it must therefore be open to criticism, and that anything else would be an excessive restriction of free speech.

Vera was cross-examined, during which she pointed out the total absurdity of the Swedish establishment complaining about the lack of free speech in other countries, such as Russia, even though we clearly have no free speech in Sweden.

The closing arguments then followed the same pattern as the opening statements. The prosecutor appeared quite dejected, as if she herself did not believe her prosecution would warrant a conviction, or perhaps did not even want it to. The result of the case will be announced on 10 October.

Vera Oredsson, Nordic Resistance Movement member, interviewed

After the trial, Vera was interviewed by a film crew for a pilot of a potential new Swedish TV series about law.

Later in the day in Falu District Court, jury selection took place for two other upcoming trials for incitement to racial hatred. The defendants this time will be the former responsible publisher for motståndsrörelsen.se, Emma Karlsson, and the current responsible publisher for nordfront.se, Elin Reinhardt.

Swedish court schedule, women charged with hate speech
Room 10 in the Falu District Court was booked up all day with attempts to prosecute National Socialist women

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